5.0.4 Performance Issue (Similar to D3 Beta)

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I updated the link to smcFanControl to go to the original site instead of through macupdate...

You may not need smcFanControl, it just gives you an additional tool to use. On my iMac, the OS starts to ramp up the CPU fan when I get close to 60C.

I have no idea why smcFanControl would show a different temperature than iStat Pro, especially one that large. 169F is pretty high, all the other temperatures look perfectly reasonable.
Hmm strange...okay so I downloaded iStat Menu and here's what I'm getting...


I guess I'm just curious as to what temperature I should really be paying attention to when running the game. As I said, right now I'm just downloaded MoP Beta with those temps. What's worrying me is "CPU 2"

I've reset my cookies almost thirty times today across three browsers. The forums' "Keep me logged in" feature is completely broken. I'm having to re-enter my login info, which includes the annoyance of an authenticator code every single time I move around in the forum or I take too long to type a post and the cookie expires. It's really aggravating. And what's more aggravating is that the current version of Safari doesn't let you check individual cookies or their properties anymore (thanks Apple for iOSing me again), so I can't verify if it's a corrupt cookie or just one that has the expiration set absurdly short.
There's some forum redesign work going on - the profile picture and management in the upper right corner of the page changed quite a bit. Sadly, I liked it the way it was before - much more interesting character shot.

I appreciate the info and the Blizzard team keeping us updated. I would love to beta test MoP to try it all out. I'd be willing to take one for the Mac team here and test it. Just saying!
i would love to test it on beta..... if i had beta.....
Just wanted to extend a warm thank you to the players in this thread who have provided intelligent, constructive feedback regarding this very frustrating issue.

Even with the CPU workaround implemented effectively and after experimenting a good deal with lowering and adjusting my graphics settings, I was continuing to have disconcertingly high, previously unseen, GPU temps after only short periods of play, with accompanying glitchy graphics behavior.

Because of the feedback here I was brave enough (don't laugh, this was big for me 8D) to initially install temperature monitoring software and Xcode to implement the workaround, then SMC Fan Control in an attempt to remedy the GPU overheating issue - and after a minor adjustment to the ODD fan speed my GPU temps are consistently running a good 20C lower.

Seems like I am adrift in a sea of pc nerds IRL, most of whom share the dismissive attitude of some of the more negative posters/trolls in this thread regarding Macs and gaming - so it's empowering to have been able to remedy this problem myself under your tutelage!
Running the beta on my rMBP. With resolution at 1968x1230 and settings on Good, I am still seeing the CPU2 and GPU Diode temperatures hit 183F and then the fans will jump up to 4000 rpm and drop it down to 150-170F and then it cycles through those temps over and over.

Chassis is warm but not scalding hot like before.

I would definitely say the Beta patch helps, but this is still running hotter than it was pre 5.0.4.

Pre 5.0.4 I was running on Ultra with 2880x1800 and not hitting temps this high.
I wonder if the higher temps on the beta have anything to do with the 64-bit client being the default setting? I figure most people weren't running that prior to 5.0.4, and I believe some of the older macs don't have a 64-bit kernel. I know my mac doesn't like it.

Three now that poor guy's iMac burnt up. I kid, I kid (seriously, sorry about that though). Actually, I think there are quite a few mac WoW users, as this is the only decent mmo with a mac client, and it has pretty low reqs. Perfect for a mac, except for the current bug.

Under optimal circumstances I don't think anybody should game on a mac, and I don't think anybody really buys them for gaming. But many for many reasons, that is what many people have to do. Maybe they have to use Mac's for their profession, or maybe it's their family computer, or maybe some one gave it to them as a gift, et. al. And just maybe, they can't afford another computer exclusive for gaming right now.

If I had all the disposable income I had when I was in high school, with no expenses and a job, I have a sweet gaming rig too, but I'd probably be taking advantage of that hardware and be playing GW2 at the moment. Not that WoW isn't a fine game, it's graphics are just a little dated (though still nice in a cartoony way), which is I suppose what Blizzard was trying to update a little bit in MoP to compete. Unfortunately, I think that is what led to this mess, but I'm sure they'll fix it, in due time.

So you think Macs are pretty much useless as a gaming machine, and WoW is dated and cartoony, yet here you are on WoW's Mac support forum . . . A lesser person than I might consider you a troll, but I'm sure you mean well.

I guess my frustration come from the fact that I chose WoW because of its mac support and it's low reqs, which were a huge consideration due to the fact that I'm running an older mac. Everthing was working fine, and then the patch hit and everything went crazy. But as long as they appreciate the significance the problem, and are working on it, I'm happy. Often, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.
Just opened beta with a patch a few minutes ago to give it a try (Fri Sept. 7 @11:40)
my MBP ran cooler at around 82-85C with frame rates between 35-45 on high settings, sunshafts disabled and max foreground fps set to around 60

MBP late 2011 17"
Lion 10.7.4
2.4 GHz i7
8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB

Is there any info, or data I can provide to help in finding a fix for regular wow?
How does one go about getting access to this beta? If that is our only simplistic/expedient option to this mess?
How does one go about getting access to this beta? If that is our only simplistic/expedient option to this mess.

It's not an expedient option. It's just a method for players that have access to the beta to verify for themselves that the problem is indeed fixed, which it is. It's a band-aid fix for sure, but it's the safest fix available on short notice, and the 1/100th of a single percent boost that the eventual final fix might bring wasn't worth making the players wait.

This fix will likely show up on Tuesday with the 5.0.5 patch unless the client team is able to get it out sooner. I wouldn't hold out much hope for a pre-Tuesday patch, but since this problem is well enough known now that the potential damage to hardware has been minimalized, there is no rush to get a patch out before it's thoroughly vetted by the beta team/players.
09/07/2012 03:24 PMPosted by Azleah
How does one go about getting access to this beta? If that is our only simplistic/expedient option to this mess?

actually it woudln't provide much benfite. beta is a closed server and does not have anything to do with live. getting the beta client provides y ou with nothing but a means to play on beta, so it still would solve nothing for this issue on live realms. Like growl says, i suspect we'll probably see this tuesday with all the other intended fixes on the original intended patch schedule. splitting into 2 patch cycles was not realistic and could have risked breaking things even worse if other changesets in trunk weren't ready yet. all area's need to get their changesets into a stable form before making any kind of patch to ensure that doesn't happen.
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As I said earlier, Beta and PTR are using the same client, and everyone has access to PTR, if you want to test how this will affect your system, you only need to download about 250-300MB (out of 20+GB) to be able to enter the game and test this. If you already had the PTR client recently updated, just go in and get it patched, it's a small patch.

09/07/2012 11:00 AMPosted by Sqweet
Pre 5.0.4 I was running on Ultra with 2880x1800 and not hitting temps this high.

Do you have your frame rate capped? What were you getting before, what are you getting now?

Ultra is now higher quality than Ultra used to be, they've addd stuff. Running same FPS at Ultra should drive the GPU harder now. Running uncapped is very likely to run the GPU as hard as it can go.

Cap your frame rate. I find 24FPS (standard film frame rate!) is perfectly fine, or set it to 30; the difference between 30 and 60 is very small, anything higher than your refresh rate is useless.

Once you've capped frame rate (/console set maxfps 24, a lot easier than using the sliders), set your graphics down to High or even Good; tweak individual settings up or down. SSAO and Multisampling can both use a lot of processing.

Ironically, the best way to see which settings affect processing is to uncap your framerate (including turning off vsync) as you change them. Find the settings that give you the highest frame rate and still looks good, then cap your frame rate. That should result in the lowest processing load, hence less heat problems.

Remember, when you Apply on graphics settings, it will re-apply the frame rate cap (or no cap) that it saw when you entered System options, exit from that and go back in if you change it from the command line (/console maxfps 0 uncaps it).
09/07/2012 11:00 AMPosted by Sqweet
temperatures hit 183F and then the fans will jump up to 4000 rpm and drop it down to 150-170F and then it cycles through those temps over and over.

Install smcFanControl and push the fans up to the point where temperatures and fan speed stabilize. smcFanControl just sets the minimum fan speed, the system will still push it up higher if needed. This way you can find an equilibrium speed that keeps temperatures low enough and stop the cycling.

09/07/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Varangian
Is there any info, or data I can provide to help in finding a fix for regular wow?

No, this particular problem is understood and the fix is in, we're just waiting for it to make it to the live client, and we're speculating that it will be this Tuesday.
although I havent seeen the word tuesday in blue, I'd be happy if they did do it then. the very vague blue answer that's been given has been worrisome. it seems a bit nonchalant. i mean i know its only 15 bucks but still... waiting till 9/25 thats a bit much.
09/05/2012 07:18 PMPosted by Arenvald
Cacheclearing won't help, Kirana. All you can do is wait until Bliz fixes it, or find a way to run your fans high enough to keep your temps low(ish).

Not much hope for those of us who live where A/C can run 24/7 and the room temp still won't go below 84°F until October.
Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of temperatures are okay, acceptable, and wtf-not-good? Thanks, friends <3
I only know this really on the Celsius scale and I've been out of the "computer enthusiast" market for a quite awhile so it's certainly possible that the baselines have changed overtime (i.e. maybe acceptable temperature ranges have moved higher and these would then be too conservative of numbers). But, at least, consider it a good baseline ... maybe.

Celsius goes 0 - 100 degrees.
0C = 32F (where water freezes)
100C = 212F (where water boils)
20C ~ 72F (room temperature, more or less)

That's just to set a baseline and get you familiar a bit.

Room temperature would be best for your CPU / GPU, but that's not realistic, they'll only be room temperature when the computer is off. So a good range for a CPU, at idle (doing nothing), is 30-40C. Your GPU will always run hotter, that's fine.

40-60C would be appropriate for a CPU doing work (playing a game, watching video, whatever) The GPU again, will likely run hotter.

60-80C would be a CPU under duress. Something is keeping the cooling system from doing its job.

80-100C would be a CPU in danger. The CPU might start to throttle it's performance (to cut heat output) or shut itself down to prevent permanent damage.

At least, these were the kinda sorta agreed on ranges back when I was building my own PCs. Again, it's certainly possible they've moved the safe ranges up.
I am concerned to hear Blizz saying they are having trouble reproducing this issue(overheating CPU), because it is quite real and makes it impossible to play. i would appreciate a refund for all this downtime.

I am playing on 10.7.4 on a macbook pro that appears to meet the WOW machine spec except for its graphics card, which is an Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB. Could Blizz please address the question of whether this CPU overheat issue is related to graphics card? My machine is not upgradeable, and since I can't afford a new gaming machine I suspect I will be closing the account.

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