5.0.4 Performance Issue (Similar to D3 Beta)

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The new client update is already downloadable.
I opened the WoW app and I'm at the login screen.
At the bottom-left-hand-corner, it says "Version 5.0.5 (16048) (Release x64).

The Activity Monitor says WoW app is using around 8 to 9% under CPU, so far so good.

The servers are still under maintenance, so I can't test game play yet,
but I hope everything goes smoothly. Nice job so far Blizzard :)
09/11/2012 12:56 AMPosted by Timbers
According to mmo-champion, 5.0.5 will be tomorrow. However it looks like there's only tooltip fixes...

timbers, mmo champion only covers game design changes, they never have the list of bugfixes (unless blizz themselves post em, then they just echo it). What they know is that which they datamined from tooltips.

The bug here is definitely fixed, as others have already observed this morning. But just reitterating, we already knew the bug was fixed in beta before patch went live, so we KNEW the new patch would fix it. Don't let sites like MMO champ bring you down. Trust us mac users right here and our own investigations. We , the user, made sure to test this on beta to ensure beta build 16048 passed our quality inspection before letting it go live. So you know live build 16048 is good to go.
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I d/l the new patch and at the login screen my cpu didn't spike and my mbp didn't overheat. Looks like they fixed it. Now if those darn realms will just come back online.
09/11/2012 12:56 AMPosted by Timbers
Also, according to a reply in my support ticket, this issue might not be fixed until MOP.

That's a GM

IE A customer support peon.

S41DK is one of the Mac Programmers. He's the guy that works directly on the graphics engine. Machkhan liasons directly with the mac devs on a daily basis.

I would trust their word before some customer support peon :) .

It was proven to be fixed in build 16048 on beta - the same build that's just been pushed live :)
This should be pushed to live. The retail client is at 5.0.5 (16048) meow.
09/11/2012 08:46 AMPosted by Machkhan
This should be pushed to live. The retail client is at 5.0.5 (16048) meow.

I could have sworn you said meow.
Just a preview of the 5.0.5 patch notes :)

  • Resolved a Mac issue related to CPU usage.

  • Oh I forgot, meow!
    Yay! And a reminder to anyone that pulled down my automator workflow off github - Stop using it!
    While it would have been fun to develop an expect script to do this more cleanly, I'm quite happy I won't need to. THIS problem is FIXED.
    I'm so glad this was fixed sooner than the average "Blizzard Soon™"! Thanks, team :)

    And thanks Sunx and everyone who worked on the workaround until this patch was pushed to live!
    Very nice! Thanks for the fix!

    ...only seeing around 16% CPU at log-in now, versus around 104% before.
    I was just "reporting" what I had heard. Regardless, the issue is fixed.

    Thanks Blizzard. Lets all go play some World of Warcraft!
    It's fixed! Now that this issue is fixed, promote Tiger to an MVP and give him a special mount or something, I'm sure his skills helped bring about a more swift rectification of the problem!
    post patch 5.0.5

    At what % should you be around on Activity Monitor?

    Myself I'm at 60% to 120%

    I have never looked at this till 5.0.4 so I'm not sure what it should be around.

    I'm on a mid 2010 iMac 10.6.8 OS
    Hey guys and gals, thanks for all the input here and helping work towards a solution :)

    I'm going to lock/unsticky this thread now. If you still have issues, please create a new post in the Mac forums, so that we can investigate these issue.

    Thanks again!

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