Command Q is closing WoW.

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I have command Q as a keybind and since patch hit it keeps closing the program. Is this a bug?
command q normally quits any app, you might have to rebind your key binds in your system preferences (:
they had this issue in beta as well ... supposedly a blue posted and said they informed mac team on it months ago
i hope they fix it soon...command is my mumble chat keybind and Q is movement..obviously a problem while playing
God I hope they fix that. Command Q is one of my main key binds.
Yeah, I was attempting to play on my laptop with trackpad and using the usual cmd-click for holding down right click, then I tapped 'q' to sidestep and was quite surprised to see WoW quit.
I know there's an option for "ignore system commands", but I haven't tested it (and it doesn't matter since I can no longer play on my laptop)
I'm wondering why more people don't report this as an issue. This was never a problem before, and is a MAJOR issue now. Its IMPOSSIBLE to pvp, since I've trained my brain from years of playing wow to use command to freelook and Q to sidestep.

Something must have changed - this was never an issue before MOP.

@Fibromyalgia the "ignore system commands" does nothing with this issue, unfortunately.
I've sent feedback up to the team about this. Thanks for the additional report on it!
Well just as a heads up this is still a massive problem.

Also, I don't think blaming this on Mac is right, pretty sure that's a load of BS.

In old WoW quit was "Command + Shift + Q." Obviously, Apple didn't set that as their standard bind is just "Command + Q." Since nothing in the Apple OS magically changed overnight, I have to just assume Mists was shipped with their own keybind wrong. The fix should take less than 5 minutes and less than a millisecond of patch time to fix.
This is being addressed in a future update. No ETA, but it is something coming.
10/04/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Machkhan
This is being addressed in a future update. No ETA, but it is something coming.

Thanks for the info, good to hear.
Welp... I guess I don't have to return this macbook pro that I just bought about a week ago. Please fix asap :]
Since it's a very fast .nib file change (don't try to do it yourself - you'll not be able to patch ever again if you do), the client team will likely have this ready for you folks when 5.1 rolls around.

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