Game Crashing - AMD Radeon 7970

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Hey OP - I am having similar issues, and the one thing in common is our video card. I wonder if there is an issue with Radeon 7970s and this patch
Try 12.3, it seems to be the only version that works without crashing my driver, and I'm also on HD 7970.
Still crashing...

Arvena, glad that driver worked for you. I tried it and it didn't work for me : (
Bumping in hopes of a blue response.

Having low FPS problems after patch, I'm running Nvidia GTX 460M.
While I'm sure the 7970 users appreciate the bump, Skaithakk, this thread is related to crashing while running a Radeon HD 7970. Poor performance on a GTX 460M is a completely different issue - you should really create your own thread if you want assistance with that.
Update: still crashing


Asterchades has a valid point, however, I would recommend turning off V-Sync and seeing how your frames perform. Be sure to run a hardware monitor to view your temps in game as well as update any drivers.

When you post that you have a problem, it is always helpful to know your system specs. This can be done by typing "dxdiag" in your windows search bar and running a dxdiag. Only takes a second. Also, be as detailed as possible in what you have tried so far (roll back drivers, delete wtf/cache/interface folders, etc....).
Stilllll crashing
I noticed you said you removed the overclocks on the GPU. DOes it still occur if you downclock past the stock speed by around 50MHz?
Yousel, yes it does. I tried everything from 50mhz to 200+mhz underclock.
Have you fiddled with the Power slider in AMD Overdrive? Giving it 10% or so
Yes, up to a maximum of 20%
Still crashing - any ideas?
Do research on possible recalls and RMAs for some batches of 7970s? Flash your cards BIOS with the most recent firmware
Thanks for the suggestions Yousel. No recalls out for my card. Flashed the latest F2 vbios and still crashing.
I'm I'm having major probs as well, thought it was my video card (I've got a nvidia geforce card)...but I've done most of things you have done, and wow is still blue screening my comp. It's very, very frustrating.
If you're reinstalling, do NOT start from your original discs. Either use the download client or the Cataclysm disc (if you have one or can borrow one).

Starting from Classic is just asking for trouble. Even starting from WotLK is questionable.
Still crashing...

Keep bumping this thread if you are having problems. Blues are bound to respond.
Well, I see many are still crashing & Blizz has done nothing. Twice, I linked all these threads to tech support after speaking with them several times on the phone & still no blue post. One tech support guy told me there is a huge problem (maybe he wasn't supposed to) as all the other tech people say the problem is people's computers & not their patch.

The 1 nice thing they did was refund my MOP purchase & 3 months of my subscription. Account is closed. Bye WOW. :(

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