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LOL, just received a response from a tech support person on a ticket from 8 days ago. His answer, update my video card driver. If this moron had actually done research he would have noted that was one of the very first items accomplished with another tech support person. PATHETIC!
I just bought a new graphics card a few days ago and you guess it, radeon 7970. I am also experiencing crashes.

I have NEVER crashed like this before playing wow on ANY graphical settings with my old graphics card. I do not simply get a black screen or a wow error, my entire computer freezes with a loud recurring error tone leaving me with a restart as the only option.

This has happened over the course of the last few days: numerous times during LFR, numerous times casually farming in AQ20, and in 5man dungeons.

I have been monitoring my gpu temps and memory/cpu usage on my second monitor while playing and there are no noticeable fluctuations prior to one of these crashes.

As has been suggested already in this thread, I have had a look in the event viewer to see what my computer attributes the crashes too. In every case (8 so far), a critical error occured with 'Kernel - Power' as the source with event ID '41' and task category (63).

I have played all my other games to see if I get a crash with zero negative results. I have uninstalled and re installed catalyst control center and drivers. I have deleted my cache, WTF and interface folders numerous times. I have crashed on graphics settings ranging from lowest to ultra.

From my research and investigation thus far, I am pretty much convinced that this is a result of a problem in the latest WoW patch, simply because if it was a card issue I should be experiencing problems with other programs.

So basically.... fix quick please blizz else I might end up killing myself due to MOBA community over-exposure.

As you can see, I have been extremely patient in my thread. I haven't cursed you, or made any harsh accusations. If you do indeed have some issue on your end you are investigating, I would appreciate it if you could let us know. Myself and others are diving into the deep end with our diagnosis. Time is running out before MOP. "Delete WTF, roll back drivers, try even older drivers" won't cut it. Check this thread...what else can we do besides replace parts?

P.S. Tuffkin, try underclocking you GPU by around 50. That has worked for some.
I underclocked my GPUfrom 1100 to 1000 and it seems to have helped if not fixed the problem. However I have not played for the lengths of time that most of the crashes were occurring, so more play is needed. I also realised that I am full retard, I have a 7870 GPU not a 7970, I just figured the problem would be similar.
Possible solution:

I've had the same problem, although with an older graphics card (amd radeon 45XX). Installed windows from scratch, got the latest graphic driver, set the graphics to lowest possible, tried directx 11 and 9 etc... system still kept crashing after 5-10min play.

What I did now, is reducing the max frame rate under advanced setting. I set both '- max foreground and background framerate - to the same value (low framerate, about 1/3 of what is possible).

I don't want to cheer too soon, but wow now runs since 30min without any crash, so those settings might have solved the issue.
Ok so my machine is as follows

Intel I7-3820
Windows 7 64 bit
16 GIG Ram
Asrock Extreme 4 X57 board
AMD 7970 Sapphire HD

and guess what, i can play BF3 for hours on end and any other game i want without a crash but not WOW it can be 10-30 min but it will crash, even MOP hasn't fixed it.

Does anyone have an answer?
Adding this system to the list of victims:

System: Chasis: Shuttle SX79R5 | Intel X79 Express chipset
Memory: Super Talent Extreme Performance DDR3-1866 1.5V 16G
Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K Unlocked / 3.20 GHz / 12MB Cache / LGA2011 / 130W
Video Card: XFX AMD RADEON 7970 Double Dissipation Edition 925M 3GB D5 2XmDP HDMI DVI
OS: Windows 7 64 6.1.7601
Drivers: Catalyst 12.8, Reltek HD audio, DirectX 11.0

Since coming back for MoP, I've not enjoyed this game because of the constant crashes on my new computer. What is tech support doing with this issue? What information can I provide to help speed this along? I would like to see raid and dungeon content but I do not want to anger the group members with the constant crashing.
This is a very common problem and appears to be related to AMD's drivers. There is another large thread regarding this here:

For anyone experiencing this problem, please submit a bug report to AMD. There is a different form for every new driver that they release. The current form is the 12.9 Beta form, available here:

If you are using an older driver, update to the latest one and submit a bug report there. Once AMD knows about and acknowledges the issue they should be able to get it fixed.
The wise speak only of what they know. - J.R.R. Tolkien
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Yeah, I found out two hours ago that AMD was aware of the issue. Thanks for the reply.
10/11/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Nirgáli
Yeah, I found out two hours ago that AMD was aware of the issue. Thanks for the reply.

May I ask where you found out that AMD was aware of the problem? I haven't seen any official acknowledgement yet, but it's a bit difficult to follow AMD sometimes.
The wise speak only of what they know. - J.R.R. Tolkien
CORE I7 3.8GHz | 12GB RAM | ATI 5970+5870 | F120 SSD
Unofficial Tech Support: irc://
I am having this same problem. Running an i7-3820, not overclocked, 16Gb, Radeon HD 7870. Computer runs everything else fine, but at random times when playing wow it just hangs and has to be unplugged and restarted. Glad to read that it is an AMD issue as it is a brand new computer. At least I can play for a fair amount of time before it happens - yesterday I played for hours before it crashed. Today, however, I played for less than 10 minutes before it crashed. Sigh.
AMD is going to release what's supposed to be an extremely awesome driver today known as 12.11 Never Settle. Keep your eyes peeled, as it's supposed to be quite the improvement for GCN-based cards. Here's some general information on it:

And, as usual, if this driver continues to have issues with World of Warcraft (which it likely will) go ahead and submit a bug report to AMD. We'll see what the new link is in a few hours... :P
The wise speak only of what they know. - J.R.R. Tolkien
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Running a 7970m and have not had any problems whatso ever...even on beta drivers.
On the 12.11 drivers and they also lock up the system
I'm having a similar issue. AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB 16X PCIe 3.0 and just got this PC a month ago. Only when I'm playing WoW my entire system just randomly freezes and a weird buzzing sound comes out of the speakers. I'm sure the sound thing is just music or sound stuck in a loop, so whatever, but there's no error message, no recovery, just BAM! Completely frozen. Only way to fix it is force a restart using the power button. I've done everything I know to do and still haven't been able to stop it. :(
I am having the exact same problem Beau. Except i have a 7950 i think. I just bought my PC about 3 weeks ago and it just arrived about a week ago. Things were going good until the last few days.
I had the same issue with a sapphire 7970.
I returned the card.
Go get the latest Beta drivers 12.11beta 8 is the latest afaik. Most users with high end 7xxx cards have reported that these drivers fixxed the crashing issues. Make sure you use Driver Sweeper or something similar to completety remove old drivers before installing the new ones. Neither Windows nor CCC will remove them all. Lots of issues are from not fully removing old drivers/registry entries.
Where would i find driver sweep?

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