PvP Guild - 1750+

Emerald Dream
EyE LyKe TeW FeEsH - Is now recruiting skilled PvPers of all classes! We plan to do many events in MoP, such as Wargames - Tournies - BGs - Raids PST for more information! - Must have 1750 Acheivement(unless raider then post on here or pst me ingame!) -

Wargames info: Weekly we'll have a night setup to do various wargames within guild to test comps, new talents, and just simple arena practice!

Tournies info: Most likely going to be doing dueling tournaments (1v1), mostly it will be guild-only, sometimes it'll be for the entire server to enter!

BGs info: Going to be forming an RBG team once we settle on specs/mains with new talents, also will be doing many BGs before/going into MoP!

Raiding info: Looking to setup a 10 man group to start running some raids, if enough interest will make it a 25 man(or 2 10 mans)

You can msg me in-game for more information or to join! (must have 1750)
and yer backstory is what?
What do you mean backstory? We are a group of friends who xferred here :) thats all, got some new recruits along the way.
08/23/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Péw
What do you mean backstory?

Not sure if troll...

I'm not trolling xD
I'm guessing their backstory has something to do with the enjoyment of fishing.
OH that story, ya... in WoTLK my friends had a guild with the same name and Gbank was full of fish and they just sold fish feasts and stuff... so ya thats how the Gname came about!
umm.... Where's Papilon?
This poster bleeds retarded.

Allow me to explain what other posters mean when they ask about your "backstory". You see, this server is an RP-PvP server. What this means is this server is a ROLEPLAY Player vs Player server. When they ask for your backstory, they ask your RP backstory, not how your guild became what they are today. Seems to me your friends and you have come to the wrong server.
sorry im not into the whole RP thing, just here for the Wpvp fun =D sorry if I offended anyone... ill make a backstory I guess? or get my buddy too they are more RP..
Backstory is, We are fishers, and we love to fish!
Not to jump on the hate bandwagon or anything but what I'm assuming is baby talk in your guild name along with the capital letters every other letter is cancer to my eyes.

Mordrok is normally loath to prey on illiterate fisherfolk, but if you seek to expand this buffoonery outward then he supposes he could make an exception.
08/23/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Congelado
This is why - contrary to most peoples' opinions - I think realm transfers should cost more.

Maybe they should do that lol. When going to realms with different rulesets.
again, sorry I dont RP... I'll attempt to learn how since I am on an RP server now, but I mostly came here for the PvP...
So, you're already here. Nothing we can do about that, personally doesn't bother me. One thing is, if you're not going to RP, I HIGHLY suggest you respect any and all RP, and enforce your guild members to do the same. Griefing will be looked down upon by mostly anyone, which will bring a bad name to your guild.

Also, as for guild name, I'd change it to something RP appropriate before it gets reported, otherwise Blizzard is known to make a name for you, which I doubt you would want.

Put a small amount of effort into your backstory, it's not hard. A little RP will go along way!

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