(H) <Eidolon> 4/6 recruiting for 10m

Ahoy all. <Eidolon> is recruiting for 10m raiding. Raid times are Tue/Wed 830-11 server. We are currently looking for qualified players to fill our raid team. <Eidolon> is a reformed guild of players ranging from BC Raiding (Hand of Adal) through Wrath and Cata. We are a casual guild of players that can't commit to a 3-4 night schedule, but would like to progress and see content as its fresh. If you are interested in applying, PST Pingo or Welshman in game. We look forward to raiding and killing dragons with YOU!
Please submit an application via our website http://eidolon-guild.enjin.com/home

*****Currently 4/6 MV and in need of a QUALITY Healer!*******

Our Cataclysm History on Drak'Tharon
Realm first
H: Chimaeron
H: Atramedes
H: Maloriak
H: Magmaw
Realm Second
H: Valiona and Theralion
H: Omnotron Defense System
H: Conclave of Wind
H: Nefarian

Realm 4th
H 6/7

Priest (Holy, disc, or shadow)
Paladin (Holy or Ret)
Well hopefully we can kill more than just dragons, considering there arent any in the first raid I am aware of. However, we like to have fun and be social while still getting stuff done. If you are to busy from jobs or kids or whatever, we might just be the place for you. Currently our name is Tsunami but we hope to change that in the near future back to our original. Many of our old raiders either got too busy or moved onto more hard core guilds so we simply want to find great players who want to raid in a more casual setting and still see content. Hope to hear from you guys. (Also, you can message my rogue alt that I use to farm junkboxes for the insane title: Wiip)
Bump for a lovely bunch of coconuts!
Filling up, still looking for healers
thanks for the replies
website coming soon
i love you all
Still looking for DPS?
Yes we are! Updated guild achievements on previous server
I will message you when I get on.
Let me know when you get on.
Usually on anytime after 8 server, you can hit me up on an alt Jingo or talk to anyone in <Eidolon> thanks again
Updated with website information, keep the apps coming and thanks!
Check out http://eidolon-guild.enjin.com/forum and fill out an app today!
Heals are at a PREMIUM
thanks oh also, BUMP
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I am very interested in joining a raiding guild for MoP. I have played since vanilla, unfourantly due to real life events and not having a decent computer i had to quit playing WoW. I am looking for a flexible raid schedule. Sadly, due to work and the time difference i dont get home till about 8:30 server time, i live in las vegas and work till 5:30p PST, so i get home about 6:30p PST, or 8:30 CST. I am very new to hitting 85 as i just restarted a new account last month so i am not very geared but i am looking into raiding again and getting more geared and learning this game. I am not the best player but i am definetly willing to learn. I do not have an offspec currently as i just hit 85 a few days ago but again that is something that can be worked on as well. Let me know if we might be a fit. I Am in Aspire currently due to the fact that my best friend in real life is in this guild, however i really have no place in this guild so i am looking for a better fit. I do realize 8:30p is a bit late for a raid time, but if its a weekend raid i am available all day. Please reply on here or send me mail in game. i am currently prot spec, but if your willing to help me gear out i have no problem switching to holy or ret. i have no gear for them currently however.

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