Active Guild looking to fill leadership roles

<The Evolved> has slowly been adding quality members to our ranks in the past few months and we now have quite a large player base. Very active, fun group of people.

That being said as guild leader, and raid leader there is only so many things I can lead.

I am looking for experienced raid leaders and PvP leaders to either bring over fragmented teams, or start anew, and assist me in running additional Raids and PvP events. I will be running 2 10m teams and 1 25m team come mists on tues/wed/sunday. We have one other 10m team running fri or sat, I would like to add 1-2 more mid week runs and 1-2 more weekend runs.

Most of the people in the guild have many alts and are looking to raid multiple times throughout the week. Please contact me in game so we can set up a meeting in vent and discuss options. For the right individuals these could be contracted out for ingame gold. Would be willing ot pay out of guild bank for quality raid and pvp leaders.
Still looking to fill 1-2 more spots

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