Kil'jaeden Horde/Alliance WPvP Events

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Welcome to the combined Alliance and Horde World PvP Event Thread!

This thread is to showcase events that Alliance/Horde guilds wish to share with not only our Kil’jaeden, but the entire WoW community as well. This will entice even more players to be drawn to our server. We have a lot of amazing videos scattered throughout the web and its time we had a place to put them all. This is a collective effort by all to post these videos, both for easier access and to showcase some of the fun events that happen here on Kil’Jaeden. Every guild is welcome to add new events that take place, but please know we strongly discourage any RBG or Arena videos in this thread as they aren’t really ‘events’. Some of the videos below are great quality, some are not, but they are definitely improving as time goes on. If you see multiple videos for 1 event, it’s just another person’s perspective. This is just the start of how epic this thread is going to become. If you have an event worth showing off be sure to let us know!

(If you like this idea please don’t just bump, but rather up-like vote and request for Sticky!)

Newest Highlighted Horde Event
Requiem vs Requiem Guild Only Event

Newest Highlighted Alliance Event
SWBRB’s Great Cow Race on Moonguard

Event History

August 2012

Requiem vs Requiem Guild Only Event @ AV, Blades Edge, Nagrand.

SWBRB’s Great Cow Race on Moonguard.

SWBRB and Aredone Show down! @ Tol Barad & Stormwind

July 2012

Requiem vs Reign and Sch Brb 80v80 @ Battlescar, Theramore Isle Bridge, Diremaul Arena

Sch Brb Fighting Aredone Multiboxer @ Stormwind Bank

Requiem Raining from sky @ Halaa

Road Runners Event feat Requiem, Blasting Off Again, Various other Horde

Alliance/Horde Fight Crashes Server

Requiem Killing Stormwind King

Aredone attacks Stormwind by himself

Ruinous vs Requiem @ Tol Barad. Watch the rogue click!

June 2012

Sch BRB Fishing for Horde

March 2012

Requiem combines 400+ Horde Attacking Ironforge w/ Server Crash

Requiems first Pokemon Fight Event

February 2012

Requiem attacking Ironforge and Stormwind

Requiem attacking Stormwind head on

January 2012

Ruinous defeated when attacking Horde @ Orgimmar

November 2011

Requiem fighting Ruinous @ Thunder Bluff and knocks them off edge. Requiem then heads out to Iron Forge for a double slap.

Requiem & Friends Attacking with Ruinous Defending @ Darnassus

Filet Mignome/Vagrants pushing Ruinous Back

Requiems first attack on Stormwind Ruinous Defending

October 2011

KJ Horde including BOA and VS against Ruinous @ Hellfire Peninsula

November 2010

Ruinous fighting horde pug @ Stormwind

Victorious Secrets 25v25 Guild Challenge to Ruinous @ Blades Edge Mountains

Remember this is the default template so any new events will be added as well as any more older ones we find that are deemed worthy. Enjoy! :)
love it
It'll be nice to be able to look back on this thread in the future for that little bit of nostalgia. XD I miss those pokemon battles!
love it, well done.
KJ's #1 Rsham willing to take an apprentice under my wings for MoP. Want to be a gladiator and the next best thing? Whisper me in game to find out how!

Oh and yeh great stuff kali.
Nice idea showing what KJ is about.
KJ is the best server I've played on in a long time
Awesome job and great idea!!
^ bump
likes this
Nice thread, makes me happy to have moved to this server. Chronicling these events is a great idea.
Great stuff! I too am happy to have moved over here. Sticky this!
Estoy completamente de acuerdo con el hilo
I'm Arceris and I approve of this message.
Great post! I'll be watching all of these later, I think this thread needs to be stickied for all the "does this server do wpvp good?" question askers.

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