Kil'jaeden Horde/Alliance WPvP Events

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Just a trailer of what is to come with the world pvp, have a lot of footage that still needs editing and some more footage once 5.2 comes out. Enjoy
Hey there. Possible transfer here. Looking to talk to someone about Kil'Jaeden WPvP guilds/events. Anyone mind lending a battletag to invite?
The current state of the horde

More on the state of the Horde:

Kyo's WPVP Rampage #5:
I might want to join this guild req, seems more legit an nice, than having my guild !@#$% a lot, not on my Hunter tho, my guild is badass, Kinda cool how LokTarOgar goes off to world pvp and dominates more than my other guild does on my mage, I need to bring my mage over to one of these 2 guilds
So there's this car, that runs on water..
Denark, just checked out this forum (New to the server as well) I went guild hopping upon starting here. I can't speak to Req/Requiem, but LokTarOgar treated the new guy great, and it was a blast. I do know that Req guys lead one of the wPvP events that I went to, that went very smoothly. Anyone in LokTar can hook you up with a guild invite, if you're still looking.
Bump cause I've seen people link twitch recently

...You do know what sticky means right?
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raid today on org
Is it true that alli multibox and bring raid groups to world pvp and is it just alli?
09/10/2013 03:39 AMPosted by Warmane

Remember when you were a PVP guild.... Yeah...neither do we..
You do realize Requiem purposely starved Ruinous to make them leave the server, right?
So is this not a thing anymore? I mean a bunch of my guildies and our friends attacked all the major cities and killed each boss except for org today... Even though we failed at Org because a lot of us got phased out it was fun; nobody tries to put anything regarding WPvP up anymore?

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