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You Sunsworn. HIRING CARTS to do your dirty work, I see how it is. I bet you all had a laugh, stuffing a bear beneath some dank sewer cart, not even taking its feelings into account..

And for the record it is exactly like throwing me under the bus.!

Why my eyes? Please leave them in my skull, I need them for voyeurism. I mean, reading books about Elune.

(( Oh my god I helped with a heroic Araane kill tonight.

She didn't drop anything I could use though. :V

Maybe next time?
I honestly thought The Sunsworn died out, where have you guys been hiding?

OOC: Geez, where have you been? Come up to Silvermoon sometime and see us. Preferably on your Alliance toons~.
(Or just go check some random pings in Eastern Kingdoms sometime. Chances are you'll run into us eventually, especially in the evening server time.)
We've been busy doing it Gangnam style...
She didn't drop anything I could use though. :V

Maybe next time?

Araane has a 5 minute to 18 hour respawn timer, so I'm sure you'll get something soon!
(( Ooh, maybe she'll respawn while I'm taking a break from packing/moving.

And Shieka, we kind of laid low for a couple months. A lot of us got super busy with work/real life. But we're picking back up and are stronger than ever!
bump, RP words... MoP, sunsworn, <3 vara.... impregnating reference...

I'm lazy tonight i gave you guys the key parts you can put it together.
(( Join Sunsworn!

We have CARS and drive to COLLEGE.
(( Public service announcement: Tandraelys is on a medical leave and Professor Theresa Anderling will be taking her place until she returns.

EDIT: The name just hasn't updated yet I guess.
((Bump! We're kicking !@# and taking names in Pandaria! Come join the fun.

Side note:

We are accepting Pandas but they will be under high scrutiny and have a bit more to do to gain entry. For questions on this, please speak to Anderling, myself or one of the Vindicators for further information.))
((Always a lovely time with the Sunsworn.))
OOC: One day i joined a guild and it was like having a bowl of frosted flakes and finding a 20 dollar bill at the bottom of the box as aliens land on my front lawn telling me the secret to life as two strippers walk by and let me dirty sanchez them as i wear my favorite pair of socks.
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