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Emerald Dream
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Thanks for the love everyone! Having a great time in Pandaland so far! Lots of Pvp to be had. :3
(( Bumping because dead things probably have bumps and lumps and pustules.

Mmm, delish.
(( Weird post, my last one. Should really stop posting after drinking.

RIGHT. Anyway, bump! Having a lot of fun with you jerks in MoP!
It is now October! What does that mean?

I have no idea. Bumping back up and looking for more new faces!
Bumping up again. :D
(( October means that Hallow's Eve is at the end of the month woooo!
I hear about you guys picking on the "innocents" out in the wild world, but I never see you myself these days..
There are no innocents in this world. We are at war and none will be spared.

((HI ARAANE! I never see you anymore. :< That makes me saaaaaad. Come out and play!))
((Hello, i am trying to apply to your guild through the website, but i seem to be having trouble finding where the actual apply section is to fill out the application. thank you :) ))
(( The "Apply" link is on the left-hand side.
((Thank you for the help, i was at the wrong site sorry and thank you again <3))
(( Shhh, it's okay. We're deadies. We're allowed to be a bit daft at times.
((If a deadie sees in gray...

Is it like 50 Shades of Gray..

... I also typed that originally as 50 Shades of Gay. Where the hell is my mind today? ))
Professor Anderling,
It's been to long... Varaelian as well, things are going well, yes?
An alt-quaintance of mine has been looking for a community to get involved with, but time is always so short now.
How does the Sunsworns calender look like?
Hmmm, you must be one of the many of which I have regaled with tales of my chickens and test subjects! The name escapes me--it always does, I'm afraid--but I'm sure you're one of them!

If you can find me somewhere in Pandaria, I would be happy to speak with your friend. If they're too...afraid to step into such a delightful war zone, then I suppose I could take a day or two off from the excitement to meet with them somewhere more...suitable for such an audience.

Keep in mind that I will work them to the bone--perhaps further! Have them send a letter to my laboratory: My assistant will be happy to make sure I receive it.

(( Put in an application on sunsworn.guildlaunch.com and I'll contact you in-game for an interview. c:
((Bump for putting up with my shenanigans in Orgimmar during an interview! I'm sorry I'm a bad kitty.))

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