Late night recruiting for MoP!!!!

Hello everyone!

What is it?
I am currently forming a 10 man raid group to progress quickly though MoP content. This group will be based in the guild <Haunt> but will be the second group, as the core group raids early evenings. As the title says, we will be a late night raiding group, with raids being around 11:30 PM server time to 2:00 AM, and 2-3 days per week. The days and times will be more dependent on what kind of interest and attendance I get, but so far that is what I am looking at.

Our Goals:
As of now, I have 3-5 people who are set on joining, and am looking to get a solid group of 10 before time to start raiding. With the launch of the expansion, we will be leveling to 90 as quick as we can, helping each other where needed, and preparing ourselves for the new raid content that will come. Once we get everyone raid ready, we will be hitting the new content hard.

Tanks - Warrior - Medium
Guardian Druid - High

Heals - Disc Priest - High
Monk - High

Dps - Rogue - High
BM Hunter - High
Fury Warrior - High
Any other skilled dps

I am looking only for competent, skilled, and mature players. For example, I do not want a warrior tank who stacks intellect and stays in berserker stance. As I said above, we will be hitting content hard, and I want people who I can rely on to be able to adapt and successfully conquer the new raids.

The raids will not be "super hardcore," but we will be progressing quickly, so it will be a serious environment. This being said, I also like to joke around and have fun during trash and farm content, but for progression and more difficult fights, when we get ready to start, it will be more serious. I also like to be a fair raid leader, giving everyone a chance to have an opinion, and definitely not be afraid to voice any issues.

Anyone who is interested please contact Isaiâhh (alt+03298), Aokigahara, or Cincal ingame, or feel free to post here.

I currently have a Shaman and a DK on this server i created this past month.

Guild History:
Raided all Expansions with guild 50 World guilds
*Perfect Gentlemen
*Drunken Alliance

Raided Content:
All of Vanilla ( Including Naxx)
All of BC ( including Sunwell)
All of LK ( All heroic Raids)
All of Cata ( No DS heroics.. got bored and took a break)

Class im interested in:
Resto Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Monk Tank
Dk Tank
Resto Druid

Raid times:
Would like to raid sometime between 10am - 3 pm ( PST)
also might be able to do 9pm to 12 pm

Seems like your raids start when I can begin and end when I cant.

About me: I am a personal trainer so my times usually are early morning training clients at (4:30 am to about 9am, then from 4pm to about 8pm) I am 26 and live with my girlfriend of 6 years.
Any questions, concerns, etc can be answered by myself in-game provided I'm not doing something too crazy. Feel free to shoot me a whisper. I can confirm that he will be transferring and leading a late night run for MoP in our guild, Haunt.

A few general things about our guild: We're small, tight-knit, and mature. We're active. We are NOT raid loggers and typically try to keep a low-key profile (no trolling trade, spamming, talking in /1 during progression, etc). If you're a helpful, active, mature player who can bring his/her 'A-Game' night after night you should fit in just fine.
Dragonslayer, Firelord, Savior Boomkin w/ 12515 Achv Pts & 200 Days /played LF LateNight Raiding Guild for the rest of Cata and throughout MoP! Been playing since 2004 and have experienced all content WoW has to offer! My available days are M/W/F/S! Willing to provide time for alt runs, rbg's, etc. I have a rogue, warrior, hunter, and DK i'd be willing to gear as well to help the guild in necessary situations. " Tumadre#1677 " contact me if you're interested :D

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