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I know this is a really bad time. Some idiot person got on my case because I RPed a goblin who had diabetes. He went on about how this medieval fantasty has no hyper-modern technologies, and I responded with oil. Electricity. Gunpowder. I can't be the only oen who thinks this right? This troll has really gotten to my head
Bad troll is bad.

Even if it's "Medieval" [which it isn't entirely... it's got a steampunk taste to it thanks to gnomes and gobbies, mostly] it's fantasy as well... and there are some incredible alchemists that would be able to figure out medicines and cures for a lot of things we have in modern times. Diabetes, depending on the level, is pretty maintainable and in Azeroth... well... we can raise the dead and fly on dragons. It should be.
He was trolling, but only partly.


Diabetes has been known for many centuries, but it was only around the start of the 20th century that a treatment was found.

If we take a medieval setting for Azeroth, then little was known about the disease and how to treat it. If we take a more steampunk setting for Azeroth then it might be possible for him to have diabetes and be treated for it.

Personally, I would caution against having such a disease as diabetes. Jeliana, game mechanics =/= lore. Just because Kass can raise the dead OOCly, doesn't mean she can ICly.
Techincally you can raise the dead.

Only problem is your gonna need a lot of healers.

At least five. Maybe more. Bringing back someone from the dead ain't no stroll in the park as most think it would be via Mechanics.
Finding cure for alot of things isn't just game mechanics. Alchemist are shown to do incredible things, in game. Also, goblin tech is shown to do euqaly (if not more so) incredible things. The tech to manage the goblins diabetes need not even be mainstream. Could be anything from a gnomes forgotten experiment to a goblins failed get rich quick scheme.
Thank you. This troll has made me absolutely rufled. He ignored me after saying I trolled him and had an idiot mask on. Oooooh.
Do you seriously think Gallywix would be alive if they didn't have a treatment for Gobabetes?
I know it doesn't take one person to resurrect lore wise, but it's still possible.

Azeroth isn't entirely medieval. I'd have to say a large chunk of it is, but it's going steampunk, so I personally believe that Type 1 diabetes would be easy to handle with the alchemists and technology Azeroth currently has. Type 2, maybe not so much.
Actually type 2 is the non insulin dependent form which is controlled by diet and would be the easiest to treat in Azeroth.. Type 1 is the form that requires regular injections of insulin and is possibly beyond Azeroth's level of medical technology.

And I don't think Azeroth is even in the steampunk era (there is no actual historical era called steampunk, it's a term coined in the 1980's to describe a genre of fiction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk ). The mechanohogs/mechanochoppers and gyrocopters that we have in game are using an internal combustion engine, placing Azeroth more in the early 20th century technology wise. I don't even think a steam powered gyrocopter would even be able to get off the ground, it wouldn't be able to generate enough lift to compensate for its weight.

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