Casually Hardcore was formed to give mature individuals who have real-life obligations (work, family, kids, etc.) a place to progress in current end-game content on a condensed schedule. We are mostly comprised of adults who have previously been hardcore gamers but no longer have the time to dedicate to that type of raid schedule. We are community oriented, social and have a guild-first attitude. We are located on Blackrock (horde) and are most active from 8:00 p.m. to 12 Midnight server-time.

Our core 10man team raids two nights a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 8:30 p.m. - Midnight PST (server). If we are particularly close to a kill and the team desires, we sometimes put some time in on a progress boss on Friday.

Our progress is:
1/13 Throne of Thunder Heroic (12/12 Normal)

T14 16/16 Normal, 4/16 Heroic

Currently recruiting 2-3 players for our 14-man rotation (everyone sits once every few weeks). Seeking a healer (non priest or pally), a hunter and potentially a mage or other Rdps.

Ideal candidates will be 21 or older with similar raid experience and their toon geared for ToT content. We raid on a limited schedule, and every raider is expected to have done their research (information posted on our forums) and be prepared prior to raid time.

A few things to know about Casually Hardcore:

We are a group of adults. Our average age range is 25-45, although we have picked up a few younger and older along the way. Expect mature language, jokes, teasing, etc. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this is not the place for you.

We will not tolerate any harassment or singling out of any guild member due to race, age, religion, politics, gender or sexual orientation. Treat your guild members as you wish to be treated, regardless of if you agree with them on any of the above-mentioned issues.

In addition to our raid and PvP teams, we accept any casuals who fit our guild attitude, regardless of if they want to PvE, PvP or none of the above. We are social people and encourage friends, significant others and adult children to join us.

If this sounds like a guild you might enjoy participating in, find out more about us and how to apply at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com.

Still a potential spot open for our Core 10m Progression Raid group, as well as spots open for our RBG group.

Also always looking for like-minded casuals/backups.
Apped on your site.
Not sure if its gone thru though, didn't receive email notification or anything. I Don't wanna spam you with posts so just let me know if you didnt get it
@ Epicwife - No app received. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.
Potential spot for a healer, enhancement shaman, hunter or rogue for core group. Still recruiting for RBG group and like-minded casuals/backups. Find out more at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com or contact in-game. Battletag ID is Kyri#1952.
Yeh tried again its not workin for me :<
I mail u ingame.
Wow, you guys have almost exactly what I'm looking for. I'll attempt to contact you in game tonight.
Hi there, you guys seem to fit the bill for myself as well. I used to raid back in Vanilla and BC and would like to too casually again for MOP. Im an experienced Shaman, in respects to Enhancement and Healer. Im can also tank on this toon no problem. im just looking for a spot to chill and play with like minded people. I really dont mind xferring servers if it will make the game that much more enjoyable. LFR and LFG just dont do it for myself, need a bit more of a community. Lemme know if theres a spot available for my toons and i will head on over. Thanks!
We are likely full on tanks for the progression group, but I think there are tank spots open for the casual group. We are potentially looking for an enhancement shaman and/or another healer for the Core progression group.

Apply on the website and feel free to contact me via the website or in-game (Battletag Kyri#1952) with any questions.
MoP is almost here!

Progression spots open: Potentially a melee dps and/or core healer.

RBG group is still recruiting, as well as always welcoming like-minded casuals.
DPS DK here, I'm looking for a social/casual guild with steady progression. I have open availability during the week after 5PM and on the weekends if needed.

I understand if spots for progression aren't unavailable at the moment but always willing to serve as a backup or fill in for any run.

I've been playing heavily since WotLk, not as experienced for Cata(Took a little break), but fully ready to bring my game for MoP.

I'm 24, so I still have those awful "real world obligations" but I can assure I'm available and ready when needed.
Happy to announce that we're thriving with the MoP expansion and excited about our first MoP raid tomorrow night!

Potential Core rotation spot open: Non-druid tank, healer. We run approximately a 14-man Core roster for our 10-man progression team. This ensures that we can schedule our roster in advance around our Core's RL commitments (vacation, work, etc.) and continue to have progression even when one or two player's RL commitments makes them unavailable for a raid. Find out more at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com.

Always accepting like-minded adult casuals and PvPers.
Im in a L25 guild now, mostly one of the ones that just spams for new players. However, you guys seem to be what im looking for. Ive played since launch of vanilla (actually beta), and am looking for some casual to help lower players and better my game too. Ill be applying tonight!
Feng down, more to come
We're currently 2/6 in MSV. We're looking forward to hitting it again next week and having time to acquire some more gear in the meantime. :)

We're always accepting like-minded adult casuals, and considering dedicated players for our Core team. Contact us via the website www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com or in-game with any questions.

dropped an application on your guys' site. Seems like you guys may be something I'm looking for.
Currently 4/6 normal MSV. Have no max level rogues!

After applying, be sure to check back with your application for any comments or questions we may have for you.

We run a rotation roster which ensures that each raider may miss approximately 1 week a month (scheduled in advance). Schedule this around a vacation, business trip or other RL obligation.

Currently looking for:
Tank - Prot Pally or Blood DK
Healer: Priest or Shaman

Also accepting applications for a Mage or potentially other dps roles.

Apply at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com or contact me via battletag kyri#1952.
6/6 MSV normal

Currently recruiting one healer. Contact Kyri#1952 (battletag) in-game or visit www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com for more information.
Are you still accepting rbg/casual applications?

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