Hey there,

472 Resto shammy here with a strong Enh offspec if needed, are you guys still looking to fill that raid spot? Can perform exceptionally in both roles.

Will fill out an app on the site shortly.

We're always looking for more like-minded PvPers and casuals! Feel free to apply or contact in-game.
@ Kaligula - yes, still recruiting for a healing spot. Look forward to reviewing your application.
Hi Kyrianya,

Just filled out an app on your site. Plz let me know if it went through. I did get a confirmation email.

I am currently on Area 52, but will transfer right over should everything go good.
Real id is Nirimus#1597
Currently 6/6 MV 2/6 HOF w/ 2-night a week raiding schedule.

Recruitment needs:
1 melee dps, rogue preferred.
Also considering applications for experienced ranged dps and healers.
So, I think I sent in an application, but didn't get a confirmation (like other posters). Is ther ea fix?
If your application was submitted you should be able to go back to the website and review it (check for comments, etc.). Unfortunately if it's not there, it glitched somewhere along the way and is lost.

Still searching for an experienced melee dps (rogue preferred) and an experienced ranged dps or healer for our core team.
Looking for capable casuals or experienced alts for our casual one night a week (Friday or Saturday) alt runs.

Also still looking for an experienced melee and an experienced ranged dps or healer for our core team as we start Heroic MSV and progress through HoF & soon Terrace.

www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com or contact in-game @ Kyri#1952 (battletag).
Garalon down!

Still searching for a dedicated players for core raid group and challenge modes.

MSV Alt runs starting next week.
Still recruiting! Feel free to put in a app!
I applied!
Another boss down!

Always looking for exceptional adult players to join our team. Contact Kyri#1952 (battletag) in-game for more information or visit our website to apply at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com.

We've cleared all normal content and plan to begin heroics shortly. Always looking for competent, like-minded raiders to join our team!

Looking for a competent, similarly experienced melee dps (prefer monk or pally) for 10m Heroic progression and into 5.2.
I am very interested in applying to your guild. Does it matter if I came in late into the raiding scene?

I was very active in the Cata. raiding era, and had a delay into MoP and with dailies and whatnot, I've been trying to catch up.
We're happy to accept like-minded players to our guild regardless of experience. However, we are looking for a candidate with similar experience (~16/16N or better) for the core position we are currently recruiting for.
Recruiting for 5.2 mostly but also current content.

Plate tank
Healer with dps os
melee; prefered monk

Feel free to message me and ask questions my battle tag is Aerothena#1905 as well as apply at our site! http://casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com/
We've lost a tank to real life and have an immediate opening for a tank for our core 10man group(16/16N, 4/16H). Prefer Prot Pally or Warrior for gear distribution/tokens, etc.
Currently recruiting two players for our 14-man rotation (everyone sits once every few weeks). Currently have no Mage, Warrior, DK or Rogue. (Plate dps preferred with tank OS.)

Ideal candidates will be 21 or older with similar raid experience and their toon geared for ToT content. We raid on a limited schedule (two nights a week), and every raider is expected to have done their research (information posted on our forums) and be prepared prior to raid time.

Current Progress:
6/12 ToT

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