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Hello Brich here,

I'm currently in Autopsy, I love the guild to death and love raiding with them. They have kind of changed raiding times and I'm kind of afraid that they are going to be kind of hard to make as classes have started for me and I have 2 late classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. So this brings me here, kind of looking to find a guild where its raid times suit me better. I'm currently 7/8H and would be 8/8H had I not stopped playing back in the beginning of April, where I was 6/8H and we were working on Heroic Spine, since then I have raided once and got my H Spine kill and am needing my H Madness kill still. But aside from that I have great experience in raiding, so please feel free to ask me anything. My schedule is that I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, I have a late class on both nights, the Tuesday night class runs from 4-7:30 Mal'Ganis server time and my Thursday night class runs from 5:30-8 Mal'Ganis server time. So I can raid anytime from 9-9:30 ish on to whatever time the guild raids to. So please let me know if any Casual/Hardcore raiding guilds out there are recruiting and whisper me in game or mail in game and feel free to ask me anything. My toons that I'm usually on are Brich, Cowcattree, Dightkneath, Ihadadream or Hivaids. Hit me up, really wanting to be able to raid in any Casual/Hardcore guild where their raid times suit me better, wanting to hit the ground running when MoP comes out.


I am currently recruiting for a Mists 10 man casual/hardcore raiding group. Not sure if it's what you're interested in, but right now the times are set at 11:30 to 2:00 am server time, 2-3 days per week. We are currently in need of a warrior. We aren't raiding DS much, except for a random pug or maybe a thrown together group, mainly getting together to hit MoP content hard.

If it sounds like you may be interested, feel free to pm me ingame on "Isaiâhh" (alt+03298) and I can answer any questions for you.

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