[A] <Brethren> 8/8 HM recruiting for MoP!

Have you ever thought that being older, having a job and generally not wanting to relive the social drama of your old high school Magic club was keeping you from raiding with a quality group? It's not a choice! You just haven't heard of Brethren yet.

The Basics:
Guild: Brethren
Server: Sargeras Alliance (PvP)
Raiding Format: Currently 10 man, rebuilding to 25.

Progession Status
8/13 HM's T11
5/7 HM's T12
8/8 HM's T13

Raid Times
9:00 - 12:00 AM EST (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday)


Current Recruitment
We are currently considering ALL positions.

Past Achievements
Full clear of all content at 60.
Full clear of all content at 70, including pre-nerf Kael'thas, M'uru, and Kil'jaeden.
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10+25 player)
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10+25 player)
Glory of the Raider (10+25 player)

Brethren was originally established one month after original release of WoW. It was very much a hardcore raiding guild, ranking in the top 50 of the US guilds. Since then, it has grown and refocused itself over time. Virtually every member of Brethren has a hardcore raiding background.

Time has refined Brethren into what it is now. The players are older and wiser. You don't hear people screaming over vent. You don't have officers insisting that people stay up late to eke out a few more percentage points on a boss. We raid with the same focus we had back during Sunwell and then go tuck our kids in and get ready for work tomorrow.

This means that we get to enjoy WoW without many of the things that people say ruins the game for them. The only reason we don't have several more Hard Modes down right now is due solely to our lack of certain specs. Join us and be an integral part of a team.

Due to several reasons, key players burning out, and the general stagnation of our previous server, Scilla, we've recently been forced to move to 10 man to continue raiding. This is merely a stopgap solution, and our ultimate focus is to get back to where we were a couple of months ago - killing 25 man hardmodes, and enjoying doing it. With that in mind, we encourage anyone who is interested to apply, regardless of gear. Purples flow like water, and if you think you'd be a good fit in here, well, we're interested in the player first and foremost, and the character second.

Post an app on our site, or send a tell to Väinämöinen, Klezk or Insaetia ingame for more information if interested!

Please note: <Brethren> is a 21+ guild, no exceptions. The average age of guild members is late 20's. Proper grammar and following every mandatory section of the application will greatly increase your chances of a serious consideration.
Hey there
bump for still looking for a few people!
To the top!
What is a konos anyways?
Myko you should come over for release night. ;)

Also, bump.
it's a greek island.
Still have room for a ranged dps! Mage/Warlock/Hunter!
ooo yes I would love a new mage friend to give me biscuits.
08/28/2012 02:40 PMPosted by Väinämöinen
relive the social drama of your old high school Magic club

Yu-Gi-Oh! was where it was at
no biscuits for you! and bump
We need to update our tag! 4/16 and still going!


(edit bc I fail at typing)
sure u do
I have a group of three friends looking for a raiding home and would be interested in talking more to you. Your raid times would fit well for us. We are all max level and have assembled fully funtional raid ready gear sets with no pvp items to boost ilvl.

Holy Pally ilvl 466
Affliction Lock ilvl 467
Blood DK ilvl 462

contact me via battletag @ crus#1800 or appollmi#1215 if you wish to know more
please send me a tell in game on Mykönos i would be interested in speaking with you
10/03/2012 12:32 AMPosted by Digerati
relive the social drama of your old high school Magic club

Yu-Gi-Oh! was where it was at


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