Fire mage 'heating up' falls off randomly

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Hi, sometimes when Heating Up procs on my fire mage it randomly just wears off.. after a couple of seconds before its full duration goes off ... what's up with this?
This buff is so infuriating >.>

Heating up!

goes away...

Heating up!

Goes away...

Yeah, is it bugged or what ?
are you casting something other than inferno blast when you get the heating up?

If your next spell that you use isn't a crit, the buff goes away i'm pretty sure. Heating up jsut lets you know
"hey, you should cast inferno blast RIGHT NOW so you can get a free pyroblast"
I think you're right @Koralyn
After more testing, it seems like it is indeed if your next cast doesn't crit it falls off, but some of my dots seem to be interfering with it ?

Not sure if I'm correct, would like confirmation.
Take back what I said about dots, does seem not critting is the case. Is this working as intended?
No, DoTs don't effect it. It's the same as hot streak, if cast a spell that doesn't crit, it will fall off.
When I first tried a fire mage this also confused me, but it's just a heads-up so you know if it's coming.
If this is the way it was intended to work, then maybe they should re-think it?

Chances are you are already in the process of casting another spell when Heating Up procs. So if you want your Pyroblast!, you should stop your current cast, cast Inferno Blast instead, cast Pyroblast! and then go back to what ever your original cast was?

Seems like it would be lot of stuttering in your rotation because Heating Up procs kind of often.

p.s. After trying on a test dummy, dots do cause Heating Up to fall off.

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