The Hunter and the Prince [Quest]

Bug Report
OK, I have done this quest on 18 other characters and cannot remember having anywhere near this much trouble with it on any of them. I have simply not been able to complete it with alt #19... a level 80 undead priest.

When my blood elf mage did it just a short time before the patch, I got it done relatively quickly without having to restart at all... and, as I said, I cannot remember ever having this much trouble with it. Is it just that priests suck or was Illiden buffed? He sure seems to have a ton of health, at my best, I can only get him down to around 850k or so before my vehicle (Arthas) goes poof... and sometimes I don't even get him down that much.

Then there is the fact that the Arthas vehicle only starts with 188k health vs Illiden's 1558k. I don't remember the difference being so great when I did this before... and Illiden has some nasty AOE attack that does mega damage.
OK, my best so far was to get Illiden down to around 360k health. If his attacks didn't do so bloody much damage and/or the Arthas vehicle had more health, I could do this.
I am also having trouble doing this after it being pretty simple on other characters. I'm just not doing enough damage/Illidan does too much damage for me to realistically finish it. I've tried around 15 times just now, and can't get him below 1/4 or 1/5 health. Something must have changed.
I figured maybe if I got better gear, it might help. Now my Arthas vehicle has 190k health... but Illiden now has 1.6M.

I could not even get him down as far as I had the first time I tried this on my priest.

Maybe if I stripped before doing it. :-P
Hey Kogrum,

Are you trying to do it with that character or an alt?
This is the character that I have been trying to do the quest on. I have lost track of how many times I have tried to do it now.

Side note: I am also working on the quests in Howling Fjord with this character and cannot do the quest "Mimicking Nature's Call" because the quest item cannot be used.
Yes, this is the character I've been trying to do it on.
I can confirm this. It is IMPOSSIBLE to complete this quest, Illidan has a nasty immolation aura which tears me to pieces, he has waaay too much HP as well.

Please fix it, I need to complete it to finish with the Icecrown quests.
I'm also having problems. Been trying for the past hour to no avail. Read countless help guides and no matter what can't get him down. I also noticed that nowhere I've seen this mentioned has it been brought up about how hard this is, from what I've gathered on Wowhead it's suppose to be fairly easy.
I have been working on this quest for 45 minutes now, and I cannot kill Illidan. This is my main. It's the first time I've tried this quest, but everything on the web says it's easy. It's not. I get him down to about 20-30% and I die. He wipes me faster than I wipe him.

What's going on? Is this still doable? Please help.
This seems to have been (unintentionally?) scaled up recently. I've been attempting to do it on my paladin, and can't get him much below 45% health before losing my Arthas vehicle. Extremely frustrating as I need this one for Loremaster.
I cannot do it either. I put in a ticket....6 days , 1 hour for a reply. It seems everytime Blizzard does A, 5 things break so that your alts get screwed. Not being able to complete Loremaster is a game breaker for me.

I am done....I bought MoP for all my accounts...and I guess I have to eat them. You won't get another month from me Blizzard.....

Maybe instead of just producing stuff for more dollars, you should actually try to do better than 6 days for a response. The service in this game is just getting worse and worse.

Good luck to everyone...but think about start off L1....go kill 20 brown bears, level up get new gear, move to L10 zone, kill 20 rabid bears, level, gear, move to L20 zone, kill 20 white bears....rinse and repeat.....nothing new....same old crap for 6+ years now...

I am out.
I was working on this quest last night. I finally did manage to complete it after about an hour of failing. It does seem to be broken, however it is not "impossible."
Hi, just completed the quest the second time around.

It's not hard guys.

Parry him until you can use your fourth ability, knock him back, use the annihilate.
Run AWAY. wait for him to come back, parry and repeat.
Run around while you're parrying, he misses his attacks half the time. I did it with half my health left. Never attempted this quest before.
It is very much doable.. Did this on my 3rd attempt.. First 2 of them I didn't know what to do and 3rd time just killed him without a problem.
I'm glad people were able to complete it - that means it's doable. But please don't say it's not hard - because it does seem to be for some of us.

Again, I'm glad it's doable, and I'll bang my head against it a bit more I'm sure. Thanks for the updates though.
I just did this after 3 failed attempts. The fourth attempt I kicked his @$$. Here's what to do:
First forget the second button that will just get you b slapped for a bunch of damage.
repeatedly hit the 1st button (parry), when he gets in close hit the 3rd button (stomp, kick whatever it was), then when your mana allows it hit the fourth button (annihilate). Now as you are doing all this just keep walking backwards. Remember continuously hit the first button, do not ever stop hitting it, Blizzard has set it where Illidan will really r**e your character now.
So recap: Parry (mad, crazy pushing of that button), when Illidan gets up on you Stomp, and then Annihilate every chance you get once you've stomped him away!
Good luck with it!
Yeah I can't do this quest on my main. I've tried at leats 10 times with various strategies from here and wowhead, and sometimes it's *close*, but more often than not Illidan still has like 1/3 of his health when I die.

I really wanted to wrap up Loremaster before MoP and this is my last zone, needless to say I'm less than thrilled.

edit: After writing that and tabbing back to the game, apparently I had the quest completed. But that must have been pure luck; this quest is incredibly bugged atm.
I don't understand how people are saying "spam parry until your mana is at such and such." I'm sorry, but the cool down on parry is ridiculous. There is no way parrying does anything to save my health. Run away? Laughable. Arthas must weigh a thousand pounds because he runs slower than my grandmother. I have tried this a dozen times and each time I think I might be doing okay, I look up to see my life compared to Illidan's, and my heart sinks. If it's true that this quest is bugged and that Blizzard souped up Illidan, they need to fix it. Some of us are greedy for achievements, and we do want that Loremaster. ::Frustrated::

I DID do it. Holy hell, that took forever. More than a dozen tries and I finally got it. It is very hard, but you CAN do it. I barely scraped by with a sliver of health left. Run away, kicking him back and parrying as often as you can. Then, use your #4 attack as soon as it cools down. It's okay to back away and stand in place while waiting for him to get up from the stun attack, but if he casts that green aura, run like hell!

You CAN do it!! Patience is a virtue and nothing easy is worth doing. All that encouraging jazz. ;D

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