WTS 1-525 Alchemy or Inscrpition Kit.

I am currently in the process of farming an Alchemy 1-525 kit. I am collecting all herbs required according to wow-professions.com (some cases a little more than what's listed). I would also be willing to do one for Inscription, if anyone is interested in this. Vials not included, but if you want I could include them for a bit more.


Contacting me

In game I can be reached at either: Tankyøu or Sickown

But you are most likely better off emailing me: Ciccone07@gmail.com


Kit and Transaction

Again the kit will include everything from wow-professions. If it is on the list for Alchemy or Inscription (someone wants that) it will be included in the kit. I will also include that materials required to make the Epic Alchemist Stone with the kit.

I'm looking for about 5,000 gold for the Alchemy kit. Price can be negotiated.
And I'm looking for 8,000 gold for the Inscription kit, price again negotiable.

Before the transaction occurs I will send you an in-game whisper confirming the price and terms of this transaction, which you'll agree too if everything is ok with you (pretty much just locks us both in to the transaction). I will also if you'd like email you a picture from in-game showing all the required materials included in the kit, proving I have everything.

I'm not sure of the details of the actual transaction at this time. I'm not sure if I want to go with the method of putting the materials in a Guild Bank, inviting you letting you see the materials, and then promoting you so you can take them or what. We can clear this part up when we discuss everything.

I will also (try as best I can) to stay on for a long period of time after the transaction. Sometimes you don't get a skill up and require more materials. I will get the materials you need, no additional charge.

I would prefer to sell this to a Horde Character, but if any Alliance characters would like this, we can sort out someway to make this happen.


Please feel free to email me, Ciccone07@gmail.com, with any questions or concerns. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Edited to make post more informative and organized.
I'm interested in buying this, ill message you in game today or if you see me first feel free to do the same.
I would love the alch kit if no one buys it

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