[H]<Silent>Sat/SunAM 10s Ret/Holy & Holy/Disc

Guild name: Silent
Server: Turalyon - PVE
Faction: Horde
Size: 10 Man
Raid Days: Saturday and Sunday
Raid Times: 9am until 1pm EST

All exeptional players!!! Even if your class isn't shown here.
Paladin - Retribution

Silent's Crimson Team is a 10-man group being restructured for MoP. Having been raiding in one way or another since the start of Wrath of the Lich King, this group provides a great raiding environment that is both challenging and fun. The group is heavily focused on progression using both primary and secondary toons for every member of the team allowing for diverse group comps to kill monsters quickly and efficiently. We will be striving to be a top contender on the server despite our 8 hour/week raid schedule. Group members are of high skill levels clearing HM content merely a couple months after release, this is something we will continue to strive for on the Crimson Team.

About Silent:
Originally named Symphonia, we formed in 2008 on Turalyon's horde side. This summer, 2012, we renamed the guild to Silent after a change in leadership. We are a guild with a rich social atmosphere and broad diversity in member population and continues to grow and evolve with the many changes this game has and will undergo. We are an ever expanding and growing guild always looking for additional members. As of right now we currently have four groups pushing through heroic content.

Our Members:
Part of what has helped the guild over the years is what we ask not only from our raiders but our members in general. We look for players who possess:
Self Awareness
An understanding of teamwork
The ability to take criticism and better themselves

If you are interested, please fill out an application with World of Logs on our website shown below.

Contact Information:
-In Game: Targonis (Recruitment Officer), Schisme(Group Lead), or Redlock(GM)
-RealID: Targonis - Targoris#1259 & Schisme - meshuggah2258@aol.com
-Online: http://www.silent-guild.com
wow i wondered where symphonia had went, guess now i know ya all been silent (pun intended), anyhow gl with your recruiting and gl in MoP.
08/27/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Maggz
wow i wondered where symphonia had went, guess now i know ya all been silent (pun intended), anyhow gl with your recruiting and gl in MoP.

Thanks Maggz!
Updated the needs and stuff. Can has healers?
bump love <3
What if we have our own needs ? How will you fulfill them ?
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Is it true that eating alot of BBQ will make your keyboard sticky and your belt shrink ?
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thump, ouch!
Greetings, i saw your post within a post on the guild recruitment forums. I wasnt able to catch the person who posted but was able to speak briefly with one of your members.

A little about myself, I have been playing since day one of vanhilla. I have raided every raid. My greatest achivs in my opinion would be Kil jaden prenerf, attribute to madness 25 man heroic and Immortal title.
I am looking for a weekend raid guild. I have 8/8 heroic prenerf for DS. This toon doesnt have 8/8 heroic. My main is on a a seperate account and this would be the toon that I would like to start over with.
I play enhance/ ele. I play enhance better then I do ele but i know how to play both. I use to hardcore raid a good 12 hours a week but my mains guild broke up due to burn outs.

So I was wondering if you are looking for a melee/caster dps I have no issure going full time ele if there are enough melee dps.
Hey Doosh, I'm not sure if you'll see this on our realm forums or not, but I'd like to talk to you about the guild and how we could accommodate you. Add me on real ID so we can chat.
I didnt find a post of yours on my realm forums but I am willing to talk to you if possible

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