Best disc priest race (pvp) in MOP?

So I was wondering what other priest's thoughts were on what the best disc priest race will be when MOP comes out? A lot of priest's roll human for the free trinket spot but with the new gear system for pvp, will they still be the best choice? Seeing as to how PVE trinkets wont be best in slot anymore. I'm looking at a purely pvp (arena mainly) viewpoint. What do you guys think?
Well having 2 dps trinkets is always good even if its pvp one...
Best for arena will still be Night Elf imo.

I haven't heard of any changes to Shadowmeld, so if it stays the way it is, it'll probably be the best still. However, it's a purely skill driven racial. If you are bad at the micro game and timing things, you don't get as much use out of shadowmeld.

Undeads get a new racial I think, haven't read up on it though.
Belf because of silence or troll because of haste.
I love my Night Elf priest. Dodges attacks, hits hard, and Shadowmeld makes it amazing!
While is no doubt.. Disc priests are opp have been for several years.. I believe in my opnion one of the hardest healing classes to play.. but somehow in spite of the nerfs we have recieved we continue to excel.. my advice for what race or ect.. I think that its not a matter of race but your playstyle.. while in mop we have recieved the dispel cd.. which is utterly bs cuz many classes and spam ccs while the dispel enable us to migrate damage its apparent to be a good priest we should not have to not spam healz like other classes have the ability to do without burning so much manna..Study your spells see how much they heal as the amount of hps they restore cuz if u just top people off you will burn much more manna..
Well, let's really take a look at it.

Humans... it's nice to be able to have Every Man For Himself in a PvP situation. The extra spirit is great for healers. The Rep Gains are nice. They're not a bad choice.

Gnomes... Escape Artist is a nice PvP Ability. The extra mana isn't thrilling, but hey, Priests can always use more mana.

Dwarves... Stoneform is good in PvE and PvP. The Archaeology keystone boost is nice if you do it. And well, Female Flying Hair is something worth noting.

Night Elves... Reduced Hit is nice at PvP. Shadowmeld is great at PvP.

Worgen... the extra crit is nice for DA procs. Darkflight is nice in PvP when you take Phantasm, it's your only real speed boost.

Draenai... The extra hit is now moot for Disc as we get hit capped by default now. Gift of the Naruu is a nice HoT that can't be dispelled, and many of my Draenai Priest friends have stories about how it's saved the day.

Pandarian... the bounce isn't too amazing since we get Levitate. The double food buff is great for PvE. The 4 second stun is great for PvP.

Blood Elf... having a silence is great for PvP, and getting some Mana back is great in PvE.

Goblin... your own bank, always pay the cheapest prices, a racial jump (great for PvP), and 1% haste? What's not to love. Okay, there aren't nearly as many male goblins as females due to the overwhelming cuteness.

Tauren... a stun is nice to have in PvP. Most people think the extra Stam isn't great for Disc, but it raises the Absorb cap slightly as Absorbs are capped at a % of the Priest's Health. So it's not a horrible choice if you go Disc.

Troll... Berserking is a great ability all around - it's not limited to PvE or PvP awesomeness. Pump out more healing? more Atonement? It's all good.

Undead... Will of the Forsaken is still good for PvP. Cannibalize can really help in a pinch at PvP. And now with Touch of the Grave, it can proc from Atonement style healing. They do have good casting animations.


So really, there aren't any bad choices for being a particular race. Well, okay, there's just one. Orc. But don't underestimate the power of the Light. We've gotten every race to convert, there's just one more to go.
I actually did get to play an orc priest for an hour yesterday due to a freak teleportation accident.
Disc is unfixable this xpac. Making them viable will take a complete revamp of much of the class. Stick with your Pally.
With the new talents, there is more CC available - run a few battlegrounds and you'll notice how much more time you spend without control of your character. IMHO, this makes the undead racial quite potent. It's on a separate CD from your trinket and can get you out of a variety of CCs. Cannibalize isn't as useful in arena, since you need a dead body for it, but it's awesome in BGs. I'm missing being Undead a little bit. :(
I think human fits the image of a holy?disc priest and undead is beast shadow or disc priest
[item="mooncloth robe" /] looks beast on holy/disc human priest and [item="cindercloth robe" /]looks awesome on undead shadow priests
Are you serious? Youre looking for the best race, to play the easiest class on mop? Do you need that big of a crutch?
Smeld ftw
11/15/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Dublìn
Are you serious? Youre looking for the best race, to play the easiest class on mop? Do you need that big of a crutch?

no who else is ez?

ur mom
11/15/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Jessqt
Smeld ftw
Are you serious? Youre looking for the best race, to play the easiest class on mop? Do you need that big of a crutch?
Disc easiest class in mop, you heard it first here folks.

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