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08/29/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Sapperwix
Not responding to bug statuses in this thread.

Well, the dust seems to have settled a little from the patch. I've got 8 of my 9 85's (ok, one's only 79...) set up. Had to take all the skills off my bars and go through the spellbook adding them one by one, recreating macros from scratch. It was the only way to be sure I wasn't hanging on to some ability that had been lost.

Love the character cleanup. Many of my characters who had overflowing actionbars now only use half an action bar. What am I going to do with all my button space!?
Do not shy from dark paths... if those paths lead to victory -Apothecary Zamah
09/01/2012 08:18 PMPosted by Órion
Would really really like to see more communication on the threads regarding bug's that actually affect and take away from gameplay. I'm seeing tons of reply's to the "butt's everywhere" threads, and you even replied to the players complaining about super sized illusionist's, but many threads regarding broken quests, broken instances, and broken professions, have been left with no communication.

In general I only respond to high-traffic threads, especially if it's affecting a lot people. There's simply too many bugs and fixes that are occurring (a vast majority of which occur before players even see them) for me to respond to every thread. If I see a thread that I instantly know the status of I'll respond to it but that's infrequent.
The way our system is structured we do read every single thread but yeah, not in reasonable bandwidth to communicate at that level. And a lot of you know I do seriously value communication.
Will there be a closing ceremony for the beta?
09/04/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Velenor
Will there be a closing ceremony for the beta?

I wouldn't call it a closing ceremony, there'll be some cool nonsense going on but it's not like I'm reuniting the Spice Girls or anything.
I apologize that I've disappointed you, I'm always trying to improve and open up communication pipelines.
All I ask is that you understand that I'm giving as much information as I am able to. I don't doubt that'll be the last time that my response might be unsatisfying.
09/04/2012 11:10 AMPosted by Sapperwix
I'm reuniting the Spice Girls or anything.

Hey Sapper, how about some type of response towards the feline swiftness bug in feral spec. I mean, it's been a week almost, and 3 threads started on this bug forum. Surely you've seen at least one of them, obviously you've ignored all 3.
09/04/2012 12:25 PMPosted by Sapperwix
I apologize that I've disappointed you

This made me "awwwwwwwwww"

You're doing a great job. Don't let anyone beat you down D:

It's like physically impossible to reply to every thread, and just because there isn't a blue post doesn't mean it hasn't been read. >.>
09/04/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Bastere
Hey Sapper, how about some type of response towards the feline swiftness bug in feral spec.
Is the beta going to be open to fix all the bugs noticed ? Closer to box time till shut-down is a great way to work on this . It would be nice for blizz to recognise your efforts sapper , your job is not one that is easy , thank you for doing what you do so well .
i want to cry this stupid mage casting sound loop bug while casting nether vortex or frost bomb(living bomb doesnt cause the sound loop) is rather annoying and makes it unplayable unless i turn the sound off. I wouldnt even have brought it up here but it makes me want to not log in and play knowing that 2 spells in ill get a sound loop. that can only be fixed by restarting the game. there are multiple posts in tons of forums but none have a high traffic number because of multiple threads. Even if i get banned from this thread i had to make sure people new about it.

Keep up the good work tho Sapperwix at least you are responsive to alot of posts.
This is a hats off to an expansion that i can hardly wait to get into! In my honest opinion you guys have all done a super job, altho i wish the female pandas looked a bit older than 10, and the worgens actually had different eye colors, but i guess i am just bein too picky eh? all in all i have enjoyed the beta immensely and cannot wait till it all goes live! Thank you once again for a job well done!! And thanks Sapper for puttin up with all of us on that other forum! xoxoxo
Agree with Wanee completely. You guys have done an amazing job with development, story line, content, art, the whole nine yards. And like Wanee I wish the female Pandas had been a little more...well, how about like Lola Bunny instead of a female dwarf with fur? But it's a great expansion and I can hardly wait for it to go live! My guildies have been listening to the stories from beta and they are ready and waiting, too. Thanks Sapper, for your patience and understanding of the many foibles we all bring to the game. Some people can never be happy with change, but this is one expansion to be embraced and enjoyed! :)
Appreciate it on both counts. I know the game can never be all things to all people but I'm really confident that MOP will be the most things to the most people that we've ever had.
I've got a major bug report; Folks I know now are having an issue where they level on a current character they had before the patch, they auto hearth back to stormwind every time they level up. I had one budy who is having this issue destroy his hearth stone just for diag. purposes, and it still occurs. For some folks you don't even need your hearth set to stormwind it just ports them there after leveling.

I have also had a few folks tell me that if they have their hearth set to ironforge sometimes it will hearth them to the middle of the iron forge area in the "lava" or "molten metal" or just fall into an abyss. (Yes I know spelling is bad)

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