Found a UFO on wow?

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I was doing a dungeon, and this UFO spawned.. it slowly came towards us during the fight... it had a green center and a silver disk around it.. i got a picture just as it diapered D: but has anyone seen this before or know what it is?
Dear god, the Aliens are coming for you. They want to mutilate your cowness.

Seriously what is that?
i have no idea.. wish i got a picture earlier before its dispersal... it was the stereotypical ufo model... just slowly coming at us and spinning
Has anyone found out what this is?

I have encountered it once in Tol Barad while skinning spiders, but was unable to get a screenshot at the time. It was "your basic UFO" silver saucer thing with a blinking light in the center.

My first thought was some sort of mechanical battlepet rare spawn, but I was unable to click on it. I can click on every other rare spawn battlepet I see in game.

I was with a friend at the time, but he did not see it. I am totally kicking myself that I did not get a screenshot, but I was too busy trying to click on it and figure out what in the world (or what OUT of the world) it was.

Anyone have any ideas? Or any additional screenshots?
Ancient Aliens!!

Did it look like this: ?

If so, I just found out, quite disappointingly, that it is a paladin's Avenger Shield, most likely one that missed it's target. This is exactly what I saw... however, it was moving extremely slow in Tol Barad when I first saw it, which I assume to have been a latency spike of some sort before flying back to its paladin owner.

Oh well, I'm off to watch some X-Files. See ya. :)
OMG, thank you for this explanation!!! This UFO was driving me crazy all during my MoP leveling -- which I did exclusively alongside my paladin hubby. The weird thing was that he himself could not see it -- only I could. It took a screenshot from me to prove I wasn't crazy. :)
I was confused by one of these too, it was just hovering in a plant and I walked around it for a few minutes before it disappeared. Thanks for the explanation. =)
I, too have seen the Avenger's Shield inexplicably hovering slowly across the dungeon when running with the dungeon finder. I don't think it's supposed to behave that way though.
Need to call Agents Mulder and Scully immediately!
Maybe only slightly related but I've seen this happen with a mage's arcane missiles. At least, I think it was a mage's arcane missiles. These purple bolty balls just veeeery slowly followed us up a flight of stairs and no one seemed to notice or care... besides me anyway. :P

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