taintLog 1 causing crash to desktop or error

Bug Report
The game can crash to the windows desktop or display a Lua error when the taintLog setting is 1. Neither occurs when the taintLog setting is 0. This is on the live server after 5.0.4.

The following thread on wowinterface.com discusses a Lua error that can occur and provides a basic test addon to help reproduce it.

The test addon consists of the following code:
Minimap:SetScript("OnMouseUp", function(self, btn)
if btn == "RightButton" then
ToggleDropDownMenu(1, nil, MiniMapTrackingDropDown, "Minimap", 0, 0)

My steps:
1. Enable only the test addon
2. Created new Alliance human priest.
3. Enter the world, and press ESC to skip the movie.
4. Type: /console taintLog 1
5. Type: /reload
6. Right click on minimap to show the menu.
7. While the menu is open, press M to open the map.
8. At this point it either crashes to desktop, or I get a Lua error.

When taintLog is set to 0, there is no error or crash when the same steps are performed.

The following is a copy of the Lua error that can occur:

Message: Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:1016: attempt to concatenate global 'UIDROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL' (a userdata value)
Time: 08/29/12 06:06:32
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:1016: in function `UIDropDownMenu_ClearAll'
Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:893: in function `WorldMapLevelDropDown_Update'
Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:1930: in function `WorldMapFrame_UpdateMap'
Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:245: in function <Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:231>
[C]: in function `SetMapToCurrentZone'
Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:201: in function <Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:191>
[C]: in function `Show'
Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1691: in function `SetUIPanel'
Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1533: in function `ShowUIPanel'
Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1469: in function <Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1465>
[C]: in function `SetAttribute'
Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2179: in function `ShowUIPanel'
Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2163: in function `ToggleFrame'
[string "TOGGLEWORLDMAP"]:1: in function <[string "TOGGLEWORLDMAP"]:1>

The following is from the start of the error report that I submitted via the error reporting tool that ran when the game crashed to the desktop:

This application has encountered a critical error:

ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!

Program: E:\Games\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe
ProcessID: 2864
Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0033:000000013F65545A

The instruction at "0x000000013F65545A" referenced memory at "0x00000490000004A1".
The memory could not be "read".

WoWBuild: 16016
Version: 5.0.4
Type: WoW
Platform: X64
Session Time(hh:mm:ss): 00:01:41
Time in World(hh:mm:ss): 00:01:18
Number of Char Logins: 1
Realm: Terenas (
Local Zone: Northshire Valley, Northshire (area id = 9)
Local Player: Krelm, 0100000005086A52, (0, -8914.57, -133.909, 80.5378)
Total lua memory: 25243KB
Current Addon: Test
Current Addon function: type
Current Addon object: (null)
Add Ons: Test

SET readTOS "1"
SET readEULA "1"
SET readScanning "-1"
SET readContest "-1"
SET readTerminationWithoutNotice "-1"
SET installType "Retail"
SET locale "enUS"
SET movie "0"
SET showToolsUI "1"
SET hwDetect "0"
SET coresDetected "2"
SET gxWindow "1"
SET videoOptionsVersion "5"
SET mouseSpeed "1"
SET Gamma "1.000000"
SET Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverName "System Default"
SET Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverName "System Default"
SET Sound_OutputDriverName "System Default"
SET ChatMusicVolume "0.29999998211861"
SET ChatSoundVolume "0.39999997615814"
SET ChatAmbienceVolume "0.29999998211861"
SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.40000000596046"
SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186"
SET farclip "727"
SET specular "1"
SET groundEffectDensity "64"
SET gameTip "120"
SET VoiceActivationSensitivity "0.39999997615814"
SET uiScale "0.79999995231628"
SET Sound_SFXVolume "0.30000001192093"
SET accounttype "CT"
SET timingTestError "0"
SET windowResizeLock "1"
SET ffxGlow "0"
SET projectedTextures "1"
SET Sound_MasterVolume "1"
SET showChatIcons "1"
SET textureFilteringMode "2"
SET waterDetail "2"
SET sunShafts "1"
SET groundEffectDist "160"
SET shadowTextureSize "2048"
SET weatherDensity "1"
SET showItemLevel "1"
SET ShowAllSpellRanks "0"
SET questLogCollapseFilter "-1"
SET previewTalents "1"
SET graphicsQuality "3"
SET enterWorld "1"
SET useUiScale "1"
SET shadowMode "1"
SET particleDensity "60"
SET rippleDetail "1"
SET reflectionMode "0"
SET Sound_EnableMusic "0"
SET minimapTrackedInfo "4248"
SET screenshotFormat "tga"
SET lastCharacterIndex "10"
SET realmName "Terenas"
SET installLocale "enUS"
SET gxApi "D3D11"
SET gxMaximize "0"
SET taintLog "1"
I was going to post, but a search found this - not meaning to necro it, but is this fixed or is taint still an issue?
Blizz, is this a known issue? OR do I need to keep reporting it?
This is still definitely a problem. Turning off the taint log fixes the problem, but there's no way I'd have figured that out without a search.
Was causing some very weird and random crashes in BankItems. Glad I found this thread. This was supposedly fixed during Beta, but clearly it's still broken.
Thank you for this post, this bug was driving me crazy (With or without addons).
I was afraid of pressing my "M" key to open the map.

I hope that the "/console taintlog 0" fix this madness.

If i dont update then im not getting more lua error and crashes while opening my map.

BTW the problem started with MoP. No problem before the update.

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