Looking for guild (A)

I am coming back from some time off after being burnt out of Cata.

I am looking for a good lvl 25 guild to join. I have been a casual player, raider and hardcore raider over the years.

What I am looking for in a guild
1) A mature guild without bickering 24/7
2) Raiding is not a requirement as I do not have my availability from work and what not to know my avail for raiding yet
3) must have room for my 85 enhance shaman, 85 guardian druid, and a couple alts
4) must be lvl 25 need the perks
5) active guild , nice to have people to do things with even if its simply a quest or heroic
6) Alliance
pretty simple. contact me in game or send mail or post here if interested in having me or have any questions.

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