Swiftmend problem 5.0

/signed its so annoying, it must be a bug there is no way this can be intended
I'm having this problem too, and it's annoying/slowing me down. I use mouse over macros with keybinds to my mouse so I can move sometimes *too* quick & this slows me way down.

Similar issue on my disc priest if I try to bubble someone with the weakened soul debuff, it's like I get *stuck* until I cast say a renew then I can use bubble again.

Annoying indeed....
I'm bumping this because this happens to me too and for some reason there isn't more love on this topic.
I have also had problems with this, it needs to be fixed asap as it is very annoying!
WTB old swiftmend function. Hate the problems caused by the new function of swiftmend mouse toggle glow, intentional or bug, it's dreadful.
Almost a month and still not fixed...rofl
this is a technical issue post it there.
its a technical issue, but also one they can't fix until patched, so discussion on it in these forums is healthy towards getting this addressed beyond the tickets they've already received.

horrible horrible bug. I wish people who didn't druid heal could understand how much this screws you up.
Step 1:
/cast swiftmend
/use 1

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit.
can we get a solution for this??? its really frustrating....esp in pvp where every second counts...
I agree this problem needs to be addressed/fixed.
OMG. 10/10/12 and Blizzard has still refused to address this issue. Please help. My healing and survival in pvp needs swiftmend to work properly. WAKE UP BLIZZZUCKS
They have addressed it in the forums just not in game. There was a blue a while back that said its a known issue. Still not fixed though and thats lame because people are still dying to it.
I was hoping the download yesterday would fix this bug but no luck.

I tried unchecking the box in the interface as suggested earlier in the post. It did not help.

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