Game Øver - GMT+8 - (H)10 Man - LF DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for that hunter!
Up for hunters.
If we recruited a new friend every day, we would have more friends!

Boomkins are super cool fine and dandy LFM
LF Caster dps (not dot class), OS healer/dpsers (monk/Drood) and Hunters!

Any exceptiomnal players please apply. we want to get 6/6 this week and just need some extra oomph!
Fined me that elusive ranged dps!
Post is climbing mt everest
up we go!
Need more friends!
One can never have too many friends. Bump'd
indeed Avoka, indeed
My xmog is superior therefor I am superior.
Pugs are bag
We NEED friends!!!!

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