Dedicäted 10M Casual LF MoP Raiders

Area 52
Dedicäted is a level 25 guild which server transferred to Area 52 couple months ago. We are a small group of close and reliable friends that came from a dead server to start a solid progression group. We are a casual raiding guild but we do focus on progression. We did not raid as a guild prior to server transferring. It took us a while to build a strong enough raid group on a new server to start heroic DS progression. Even though the content was not new and was nerfed, it was new to the raid group and so we're proud of getting as far as 8/8H. Unfortunately, we lost several members because of poor raid attendance, disrespectful behavior, and people quitting because of MoP or summer ending.

Therefore, we are in need of new members to refill our raid group in order to start progression as soon as possible in MoP. We are aware of the fact that just like with every expansion, a lot of things such as talents, classes, raid mechanics, rotations, and general game play are changing. We will give people time to get adjusted to the changes and decide what toon they want to raid on but we also expect effort to be put in to prepare for the new content.

We raid once a week for a good amount of time due to otherwise exisiting schedule conflicts.

Raid times are: Fridays 7:00pm - 11:00pm server time (eastern time)

We do not tolerate drama, disrespect, and poor attendance. All raiders are expected to be on and prepared 5 minutes prior to raid, follow raid directions, and have exceptional attendance. As a guild, our main issue in creating a core raid group and progression was attendance. Therefore we are going to be really strict when it comes to missing raids in MoP. If you have unstable work or school schedules or some kind of responsibilites that would prevent you from raiding often, please do not join. Only emergencies on a case to case basis will be considered.

In the end, this is a video game and we want the guild to have fun, but at the same time we all want to make progress in the PvE content! If you are interested, and can take raiding seriously but at the same time have fun, please contact me in game, or reply to this post.
I would like to join your guild ^^

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