Why Do People Hate the Forsaken?

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Well, I'm undead and I (er, my character) also have mixed feelings for my fellows. In life he was probably a naturalist or druid - maybe one of the elven undead. Anyway; a lot of what the Forsaken do seems to stem indeed from their condition: there's no way that they know of to bring them back to full life, but it's always possible to raise an undead from the dead. They see themselves as superior in that regard, and their contempt for the living, I think, is explained by their own experiences: they don't care if they cause suffering for their human slaves, which they see as an inferior being, because they've already been through it all and they 'survived'.
They use what is readily available to them, and what is compatible with their own mode of existence. Undeath, abominations, etc. (Abominations... I'd hate to actually face one IRL, but I have some sort of affection for the friendly ones. So what, they're rotting and dropping entrails and someone just slapped them together enough to accomplish the job. Big, stupid, I just can't hate them.)
There's actually always been people like that, and always will be. I didn't know much about Warcraft until about two years ago, but then this was my first character.

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