LF BS On Hyjal Horde, Click to see why....

LF A Blacksmith who can Craft the Icebane Head piece , Hands , Shoulders , & Legs From the Naxx 40 man raid. please pst will pay 5k gold for them Please Send me an In game mail to Bloodytactix if you can make these items listed here or just make them and C.O.D. them to me i am willing to pay up to 10 k gold for the HEAD , SHOULDERS , LEGS , & HANDS thanks im sure someone out there is still able to make these and are sitting on the mats.
You realize.. Head, Shoulders, and legs are BoP and only dropped from old 40 naxx. And even the crafted pieces require a reagent you could only get in 40 naxx and that your chances of even finding people with these is worse than finding a Tyrael's hilt pet code, right?


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