Pound Town 25M 2/6HM MV 16/16 HOF LFM R-DPS

Hello Friend, welcome to Pound Town!

Raid Times:
Tues: 6PM-9PM PST
Thurs: 6PM-9PM PST
Apply @ poundtownguild.com

We were seeking to rebuild what once was, and we have finally done that again on Blackrock. Our former guild was a two day progression oriented guild which became the best in the world based on wowprogress.com records. We accomplished many things over the past 3 years and seek to continue this with new players. We do have many original raiders with us, however we seek to recruit further for hardmode 25 man raiding. We are presently seeking these classes:

Apply @ poundtownguild.com

Resto Druid
H Pal
Feral Druid
Elemental Shm
Frost/UH Death Knight
Enhance Shaman

Apply @ poundtownguild.com

In the past we were able to clear all bosses in the current tier, for example:

Heroic Anub 25
Heroic Lich King 25 (Horde First)
Heroic Ruby Sanctuum 25
Heroic Nefarion 25
Heroic Madness 10

Apply @ poundtownguild.com

Finally, loot will be distributed using a loot council, which will fairly track and award players with items. You should expect to get something every week (depending on drops of course).

Please apply @ poundtownguild.com

Feel free to contact Broukz, Dade, Faids, Thsteal, Tyndal, or any other guild member for further information!
Jus Lookin....
You Betcha!

Hardmode Prog Time!

Ran with you guys a few days ago hit me up in-game other wise bump
Sorry I missed you Monk been busy. Please pst me or I will try to find you these next few days.
Need a Resto druid and a Boomkin plx.
The God King Has Arrived.
Life is like a box of chocolates.
Yawn.. Galleon needs to spawn
LF Galleon
ummm sooooo, hi
its the best priest everrrr moneyystaxxx
da stax

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