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Exiles of Lordaeron is a casual progression guild with a 7 year history of successful raiding on the Stormrage server (from killing C'thun in vanilla to completing every mount meta in Wrath and Cataclysm).

We're focused on 10 man raiding and we're looking to fill some open spots for Mists of Pandaria. We have multiple 10 man groups running and we are looking for excellent players who can fill open spots in them. We're looking for skilled players who can commit to the group raiding schedule, have a sense of humor, and can exhibit enough maturity to fit in.

At the moment we have the following available spots in our 10 mans:
- Weekend raid team (Fri 8-11pm, Sun 6:30-10pm server) - need a feral or DK tank with a solid dps offspec or a rogue

If you're interested in applying please go to the Exiles of Lordaeron website at:

You can also contact any of our officers- Zeherah, Gaerthe, Yargamel, Holyblades, Rhabdovirida, Louros in game for more details.
Still looking!
Still in search of a good DK or druid tank or rogue for MoP!
Still looking!

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