Looking for old Guildmates !!

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its been 3yrs since i last played ,where areu WOFTY,fizzgig, garan ,blackie
omg im so lost where has the funbus gone ???
any info leading to the capture of woftam be greatly appreciated!!
any old deslexic untie / devastation players about ?
Hi there Lazy, if it is the same Woftam that I think it is I don't think that he is playing any more. I used to be in an alliance guild way back with him, if it is the same one that is.
sounds like they have all dissapeared ,was hoping they were back for panda :(
thx for the info guys !
garan still plays find me online and I'll try to link you up with him. He'll know whether there are others from DU around still..
I remember some of those names from Vanilla Wow TSC.

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