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With the release of patch 5.0.4 Players who utilize the Master Looter option in Raid groups may encounter a known issue under certain conditions in which loot cannot be assigned to players outside of the Master Looter’s own group. We are currently working to resolve this issue in an upcoming fix. To work around this issue, Master Looters will need to move players they wish to award loot to into their own group. Please note that normal loot trading between players in Raid groups will still apply once the loot has been awarded by the Master Looter.

*This was corrected as of patch 5.0.5 -
good to know thx
I'm so ready to tear crud up in this patch
but will we ever be able to play

Yes! Very soon now.
So this is what's been taking blizz 5 hours of extended maintenance...?
complain complain complain.... go watch netflix. play with the dog. take a dump.. maybe even read a book. its the release of the MAJOR patch before the expack.. dont expect it to be ready to roll the second they say it will be up.. be ashamed of yourself for not having any patience.
I think i vaguely remember this happening once a long time ago in vanilla after a patch update, is that sad?

or something similar
i like pie
how soon is soon? this is getting out of hand!
it's a pretty dam big patch. If I remember correctly 4.0 took all day also go outside and do something else. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you to step away from the computer for a day.
So its not just me who cant see any realms?
My realms are down it says to choose a relm and when the realms open up there's noe when will this be fixed
This happens in every patch.
Good time for a mount run...

ML rolls 79
Group2Guy rolls 81
ML: "OOPS, sorry, can't give it to you, blame blizzard"
ML receives Flametalon of Alysrazor

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