Known Issue: Master Looter in Raids

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That's what she said.
What does very soon mean? Would be nice to know a time frame because I can go get other crap around the house done that i need to.
where patch now
how much longer i want to get my talents set up and stuff
[quote="64120670057"]are rogues and mages nerfed yet?[/quote

Rogue's and Mage's will remain owning everyone's faces as always. #Rollarogue
That's what she said.
Y dont u guys stop complaining like no lifes and go find something to do. For example get a boy/girlfriend and have fun or get laid. Im with mine and we're having a good time;)
click on wow goes to initializing...and that's it..that's all it is
Gotta love when you can't even download the patch, it's BC patch day all over again.
My Downloader is stuck at 0% ? why is this.
my launcher keeps right on updating any one else?
I've been patient. Now can somebody please tell me why my launcher is stuck on about 1/4 of the downloading of my updated tools? It's been like that for about 2 hours now.
just close it out thats what i did after 3 hours of it being on 0% and when i when to start it up it said it was updated
I did that about 5 times now. Now its telling me it cant connect to tracker?
seriously what happened to my files? i keep getting an error saying that im missing an important file
I dont quite get what there trying to fix???
I downloaded the game and I'm ready to go but my cursor isnt on the screen, and I can't click on anything... HELP ME PLEASE!
Im getting the same thing, i click on the launcher and it goes away and five minutes later it says there is some fatal error 134 and the only option is to force close the app. Please dont reply and tell me there is some kind of internet error, my GF is sitting right next to me and she got right in......
So from what im hearing you close it out and it should be downloaded...Ive been on 0% quite a while now

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