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when i try to run the launcher it gets stuck on checking for updates than sends me an error message should i reinstall wow or just wait it out?
same problem. it let me in the game for a bit and when i logged off to reset some addons I was not able to get back in. It always crashes on the loading screen now.
If you're having issues patching, please visit the Technical support forums. They should be able to help out there.
so should i be able to run it right now are all the realms up?
08/28/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Xxorochimaru
so should i be able to run it right now are all the realms up?

Realms are all up and available.
i dont have a b folder so i those instructions on your page dont help me at all
I'll keep the loot bug in mind. Ty for the info. My issue is, should my optimizer on the launcher be stuck at 0% for more than 20 minutes?? Just me?
nm. I just read a page back and got my answer. Big patch=Long wait... Let's go play some Metal Gear games while we wait!
i can log in but my addon button isnt there wtf??
ok if there was anyone else having the problem i had listed just delete WoW and re dl from the site i am now dling the patch
is there a reason why all the realms are up but every time i go to install everything it searches for updates but doesn't find any, and just sits that way searching.... anyone having this problem where they can't play?
I love how people complain about the extended maintenance. Do you know what you are doing? Do you realize how much work goes into this? I have at least some idea seeing as this type of work is my major, but just have some patience!
question. can I close out of my 5.0.4 launcher? its fully downloaded, what should i do?
OMG so i buy the chopper on ally, and i dont get it on horde, way to go blizz way to freaking go
Ok so WTF is this? ERROR: The file "C:\Wold of Warcraft\Data\base-Win.MPQ" could not be written. If this problem persist, please contact Blizzard Technical Support.
The people who complain about this are pretty funny lmao. Back in the days of Vanilla (and even early-ish TBC), when a big patch was implemented it took forever to get the game up and running smoothly again....then once you got past all the errors and such, you had to sit in a queue to actually get onto your realm. Be thankful that when you get through the gauntlet of errors now, you're basically in the game. God, you wrath babies are sickening sometimes! :)
Wtf this sucks !@#, i cant log in my toons. It just goes blank at the part where you are loading and about to enter.
OMG what a bunch of whiney friken children ,, Don't u have something better to do than !@#$% ? Get a life and grow up .. Oh that's right you r a bunch of babys ... Get over it
it's just a game ... besides i'd like to see u create something this complicated and awesome

God i hate stupid people!!!
Please I really need your help. I patched up and it now says "Game is up to date" on the launcher but when I try to start the game I just get a blank screen, how can I start the game again?

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