Stuck at "Checking For Updates . . ."

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I dont know if you should delete them all. I found mine in the Program Data folder, however its only a workaround. It is not downloading any game data so I wouldn't recommend it.
I'm getting this error as well. I uninstalled everything. Deleted the folder, etc. I'm still stuck at "checking for updates"

after it times out, it says it couldn't connect to the patch service, and to check my internet
08/28/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Guerrillero
Deleting the Folder worked for me. Thank you!

Perfect this helped my friend's laptop finally start with the files :D
Can anyone help me????? my world of warcraft keeps checking for updates

really i don't know what to do :(
And i can't install the game?
Im stuck at Checking For Updates.. Help Please??
Have you tried to delete the mentioned folder?
WOOO! thanks for the hep guys ive been tryin for a month and ive tried everything but deleting the files! now i can finally get back into the game
How do i delete my folder?

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i deleted the Bnet folder. This helped. Now i am at a loss.... it appears to be stuck on "Updating Blizzard Update Agent..." its been about about 75% ish for the past out. What should i do?
i dont see a WoW folder i just got the downloading file and its stuck to checking update
i have the same problem as forementioned, after deleting the folder i got stuck updating the blizzard
Im on windows 8 i launch wow and its stuck on the launcher. its checking for updates. why?
Im on windows 8 i launch wow and its stuck on the launcher. its checking for updates. why?

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