ID log ins freezing game!

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I am having a serious problem with id friends. Every time someone logs on or off my game freezes for a good 10+ seconds. This happens no matter where I am. I am afraid to get into a raid or instance and cause wipes because of this. Is this happening to anyone else?
Maybe we can get a Blue to check on this...
Yes, I am having the same problem. It doesnt freeze for ten seconds for me, but its a good 3-6 seconds. This is very annoying when someone logs in for a minute or less, logs off, then gets on another toon, etc. I had one friend logging on which cause the freeze, then about 15 seconds later my game started going again because another friend was logging on and then logged off.
I'm also having this issue, haven't seen a fix or anything like that after searching for a bit. As soon as a RealID friend logs on or off my game freezes for 10-20 seconds.
I see this thread is pretty empty, but I am having the same problem. When a real ID friend logs in/out the game freezes on me for several seconds. If multiple people are logging in/out the game completely locks up. Had someone log in/out while I was in the middle of clicking on a town portal and the game locked up where I had to close it from the task manager. Help? Please?

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