{H}10M EM (14/16) LF1M Tank and DPS for Core

<Extended Maintanence> is a level 25 10-man raiding guild on Stormreaver.

A few of us have played together since Vanilla and BC, and for the most part are a mature group of friends. All during Cataclysm we were extremely motivated and raided two days a week religiously; however, as the expansion ended a few people stopped playing or felt the need to go in a different direction. That puts us here! We ended 6/8 HM in Dragon Soul.

We will be raiding Tuesdays, Thursday, and Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00 PM CST (server time). We want to build our guild roster and fill it with exceptional players that want to see progression and still have a fun time doing it. We should be back to a regular raiding schedule once everyone is ready in Mists of Pandaria.

Our current recruitment needs are as follows:
Warrior: Protection, Fury
Death Knight: Frost
Monk: Brewmaster, Windwalker
Paladin: Protection, Retribution
Druid: Guardian, Feral

We are also looking for players that simply want to enjoy the perks of a level 25 guild and want to be a part of a fun community!

For more information, and to apply, please visit our website:


Feel free to contact Benedykt, Necrosis, or Darrenz in game, or through Real ID (cocopuffs_10@hotmail.com).

We look forward to meeting everyone and very soon journeying into the mists with you!
Good morning!
Hello Stormreaver!
Cake is not a lie!
Which is a lie in itself.
Good night, Stormreaver!
Looking for hybrids and healers! Where are you guys? >>.>>
Anyone out there?
Healers! Casters! Come to us!
Plump pineapples
Interesting concept, but still in need of healers!
Yeaaaa, so I still have those Pineapples for sale wtt for raiders
Still need healers!

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