{H}10M EM (14/16) LF1M Tank and DPS for Core

We're looking for hybrid casters and healers, pretty please.

*bats eyelashes*
Still need hybrids and healers!
Isn't your 0% actually at 15%, or am I just mistaken by your kill date on Warmaster?
Now just looking for 1 more plate tank!
Still looking for a healer.
Looking for DPS, hybrid, and/or healer! We want you!
Looking! Looking! Looking!
We are in serious need of 1 more healer! Preferably a holy paladin!
Loving a good healer.
We'd love to have a healer join us in some raiding fun. Come check us out!
Good Morning Stormreaver! Our team is bright eye'd and bushy tailed to go, just need 1 more healer.
Come one, come all!
Exceptional candidates come and apply today.
Looking for a tank and hybrid!
Hi there,

Any need for tanks as well? My wife and I have been raiding together since WotLK and have completed endgame in tiers right through pre-MOP H:Madness. She plays Disc preist and I play Prot Paladin.

We're looking for a good group of people to play with as much or more than progression and your raid times would be a great fit for us as well.

If there's anyone that might want to talk to us please let me know :)

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