{H}10M EM (14/16) LF1M Tank and DPS for Core

Still looking for another plate tank!
Plate tanks! We Want You!
Need an Affliction Lock to join us!
Still looking for a warlock to join us!
Is there a warlock out there?
I'm not a warlock but I dot alot.
Affliction locks out there?
Do warlocks exist?
Looking for more DPS!
The mighty Necrosis decrees that we need dps....make it happen
We are looking for some dps in our group. :)
Looking for dps! Please come join the fun!
Looking for DPSers!
Still looking for some awesome DPS! :D
I'm a pepper. Don't you want to be a pepper too?
Still in need of a hunter?
Yes a hunter would be fantastic!
Find me in game for a little....conversation
Bump for dps and maybe a tank!

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