Define 7/8(H)10 man LF Spriest for DS and MOP

<Define> is 10 man raiding guild that is on Blackrock (PvP) server.

About us: Define is a serious raiding guild that first goal is to progress through all the current tier as fast as possible and enjoy it with the people we raid with. On off nights we like to raid old tier to finish transmogs or even old achievements that we did not pick up, as well tons of us enjoy doing PvP(RBGS,Arenas). We do enjoy joking around, and just having some fun when we are not raiding.

Our goal for MOP: Define is a serious raiding guild, that will be pushing hard into MOP, our goal is to get 90 the first week and get farming randoms and get back into pushing raids.

Raid times:
Tue/Wed/Thur 6-9pm (PST)

Current Progression-
Dragon soul - 8/8(N), 7/8(H) -
Firelands - 7/7(N), 6/7(H) - Rag @ 4%

Recruiting(All for core spots)

Shadow Priest

As well our doors are always open to people who are looking to be casual or even wanna start new toon, and if even if you're toon is not on the recruitment and you are still interested hit me up with a real ID

Please feel free to add me on real id @

<GM of Define>
still looking
*Updated* In need of a spriest for immediate spot.

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