LF late night guild

Aerie Peak
Seeing as my other thread got jacked by the Uprising/Alone bull!@#$ I suppose I'll make a new one.

LF late night raiding (9pm or later PST) or anytime Sunday/Monday
7/13h t11
6/7h t12
8/8n t13 pre nerfed

Has general knowledge of all the classes in the game.
Can provide theorycrafting.
Knows how to code .lua if you want me to make addons for some reason or another >.>
Has a semi-hardcore additude so I'm actually willing to look up my class and whatever fights there are.
Has a cute little kitty named Froman
still looking
oh so very bored
do you dress froman? that be so qt
Fri sat sun, timeframe undecided still. I hate your Ascii name tho. And Gnomes freak me out.

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