[A] <Gingersnap> is Recruiting for MoP.

Wyrmrest Accord
Yes please come take our plate DPS gear :(
Bumping. Still looking for new ones!
What did the druid wear to the pool party?

Swim trunks!
Bumpity bump bump.
Bump bump bump. The cookie jar is still looking for new cookies!
What time do you raid?
Most of our raiding times consists on the Weekends, Graeham. But times can change depending on what is best with the raiders.
It also depends if we kill everything the first night or not. Oops :x
I like being able to have the time to run other raids for funsies. It shakes up the week, and keeps us sharp. I know we're all looking forward to the new content, but I still enjoy the elevenseses.
I should also say that quite a few of us are on the east coast. Raid times tend to be early for the server, but we're looking to do way more than that. I love being able to see and run new things in a group that I know and respect. I can't wait to try the challenges with everyone.
Heroic modes seem interesting!
Still needing more Melee Damage Dealers (of the Plate variety) and people who are willing to get hit in the face so that others don't have to!

... I mean tanks!
09/13/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Phaa
I love being able to see and run new things in a group that I know and respect.

And don't laugh at us when we get blown off the edges of things, amirite?

(At least too much.)
MoP is almost here! Still looking to recruit more cookies!
I've given up on NOT falling off of things. Seriously, how many times have I ended up in the water in Theramore in the last four days?
Gingersnap is a friend to all bears, including Pandaren.
Grats on dagrons, Zalpha team!
We've already got some level 90's and still wanting more to do some new dungeons!
Now we have pants!

Okay, some of us.
We are still recruiting. Would love to have more people!

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