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That's right! Profession kits its a old idea, starting to grow. These kits are perfect if you have little time to gather mats yourself, and would like to powerlevel that profession you've been waiting to for so long! Why now? These kits are priced well, but note that once mop drops the prices are going to substantially increase, as with more gold, and more toons, and a lack of players farming old expansion materials. (Expect a 2x price increase). I myself, and Globes/arcaneblasts/Grindfactor/Shoubydoo sell these kits nearly everyday usually toward the later of the evening. If you are tired of putting that profession off, or want to store a kit for your monk in MoP to save Gold, Please whisper me or post on this forum.

Engineering - 11,750g
Alchemy - 6,750g
Mining - 4,500g
Blacksmithing -15,000
Inscription - 7,000g
Tailoring - 18,000g
Enchanting - 20,000g
Jewelcrafting - 14,500g
Leatherworking - price N/A (Please speak In-game)

NEW: Cooking - 4,000g
First Aid - 4,000g

Please only post if you are interested on this thread/potential buyer.

We look forward to meeting you, and helping you with that profession!
I've bought several kits from them, 3 Alch kits, a JC kit, Inscription kit, Enchanting kit, and Tailoring kit.

They are always complete, and they will trade you the kit before you give them the gold, (This eliminates the possibility of being scammed, if that's a concern you are having).

If you are missing ANYTHING from the kit, all you have to do is message them, and they will have it to you almost immediately.

If you are even slightly considering to purchase a profession kit, whether it be for your main toon, or your alts, definitely purchase it from these guys!
I have personally bought a kit from these guys and i can assure you it is totally worth it...Some people have been trying to screw up their little business just having jealousy as a reason to do so....If you ever wanna talk directly to me ingame about their services and offers please feel free to do so...
Just today, i bought Blacksmithing Engineering Alchemy And Inscription from him and his friend Globes/Grindfactor, Totally legit.
Hey, Globes here. Currently have an Enchanting kit that has been here for a while. I know the price posted is 20,500g but willing to sell it for 18,500g and this does include everything, rods, extra mats, etc. Reply back here or let me know in game. Thanks!
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Really appreciated.
Hey, i would be interested in a few, get with me in game.
Hey, I would like to purchase an inscription kit. Please send me an in-game mail or a tell and we can proceed from there! :)
Bought a Blacksmith kit from Globes the other day. Great sale, totally legit. Even had extra mats left over. He traded the kit before he received the gold and directed me to the guide to use for levelling. Would definitely do business again.
Hey Chad and Heffney i've searched for you guys in game past 20ish minutes. Do you guys by chance have an alt or estimate of when you would be available? :D
Heffney I have an inscription kit built, and ready to sell, please whisper me in-game.
This is chad, this is my alt, ill be on this guy tonight for the most part, sorry i was workign durring the day.

Im looking for Alchy, Mining, and wanted to know whats the deal on LW. Thanks
Hey there, I'll definitely take an Inscription and Blacksmithing kit whenever you have them available.

Get with me in game, or send me mail for my RealID.

Thanks guys for all the great feedback! In honor of this any kit priced above 11,750g will be given a 750g discount for the next 12hrs! Ends tomorrow at 12pm eastern time thanks!
SHowing the love, Hello was right on, everything was there, was quick service. All mats were given to me in advance.

I reccomend him 100%
Sent you an in game mail, can you message me I'm interested in a blacksmithing kit
Hey there, still looking for a blacksmithing kit, but haven't seen you online for a while :(

Great inscription kit though :D
Starting Tomorrow, we will be restocking and fulfilling orders!!

Due to the new patch we spent times on our mains, and have tested the new talents personally. We are back on the bandwagon and will be fulfilling orders ASAP! Sorry for the short delay everyone!
Just wanted to give Hello and Grindfactor props for the great leveling kits. Had all the mats I needed and then some. Thanks again and good work!

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