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Area 52
Got a few misc kits built and ready to sell! Guaranteed to get you maxed without any missing mats which would need to be replaced! Go with the Originals! :)

Stay Classy Area 52
Thankyou very much Hello!

I recently purchased a few kits from Hello, Engineering/Inscription/Alchemy. Had no problems with them + I was able to pay after mats were in my possession making me feel much safer on my purchase. Noticed a lot of others are asking for gold first, Prefer not to take a risk. Anyways, Thanks Hello, Look forward to buying from you again!
Looking to get Engineering / Alchemy / First Aid (custom level range).

send me in game mail or message if I'm only. I usually don't play this warrior much so I'll check mail periodically over the next day or so.
Does the enchanting kit reflect the new mats(not needing all the rods)? Also, i may be interested in buying a cooking kit as well. Add my battle tag Nola#1580
looking for an inscription kit for my alt karmá resto druid multan#1666
That's right! Profession kits its a old idea, starting to grow. These kits are perfect if you have little time to gather mats yourself, and would like to powerlevel that profession you've been waiting to for so long! Why now? These kits are priced well, but note that once mop drops the prices are going to substantially increase, as with more gold, and more toons, and a lack of players farming old expansion materials. (Expect a 2x price increase). I myself, and Globes/arcaneblasts/Grindfactor/Shoubydoo sell these kits nearly everyday usually toward the later of the evening. If you are tired of putting that profession off, or want to store a kit for your monk in MoP to save Gold, Please whisper me or post on this forum.

Engineering - 11,750g
Alchemy - 6,750g
Mining - 4,500g
Blacksmithing -15,000
Inscription - 7,000g
Tailoring - 18,000g
Enchanting - 20,000g
Jewelcrafting - 14,500g
Leatherworking - price N/A (Please speak In-game)

NEW: Cooking - 4,000g
First Aid - 4,000g

Please only post if you are interested on this thread/potential buyer.

We look forward to meeting you, and helping you with that profession!

I would like Enchanting/Tailoring/Cooking/First Aid for an alt....please let me know if you have more available.

Edit: Extremely fast service and secure transactions. Everything is laid out in party chat or whispers for the protections of both buyer and seller. Definitely will do business again.
I've been receiving a lot of tells for kits and I've been extremely busy past week. Here within a few days i should kick back into gear to forming some kits and I'll message some of you guys.
09/10/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Grindfactor
I've been receiving a lot of tells for kits and I've been extremely busy past week. Here within a few days i should kick back into gear to forming some kits and I'll message some of you guys.

I hope so :)

Patiently waiting for that Alchemy kit to get done.
Still looking for a Cooking kit!
Definitely interested in a tailoring kit. You can get in touch with me on this toon or Chakrakhan, my priest, at your convenience, as I've done a /who on the toons you listed several times over the past couple days, and no dice. Thanks!
Just finished mining/insc/alch kits from these guys, all went flawlessly. I would definitely do it again, and highly recommend it to anyone else looking to max a proff quickly!
would be interested in a cooking kit . (wanna save it for new toon)
Working on a cooking kit for Feral and Nola at the moment, and then i need to get the rest of the stuff for Feral. Pessimystic what times are you usually on by chance? And Kappix same for you i can't manage to ever catch you two online haha. Zerngul let me get a couple other guys fixed up first and then ill get right to you :D
Multan and Zikks I'll send you two ingame mail as well!

Edit: My battle tag. Grindfactor#1579
Kappix your Alch kit is complete. My battle tag is in the previous post. Add me and well get it to you as soon as possible! Also Noladrew your cooking kit is complete and Feral as is yours. Message me within the game to get these!
wanting to buy a JCing kit
Interested in a cooking kit, please let me know if/when one is available!
Icyst your JC kit is complete! And Devower and Zerngul im working on those cooking kits atm!
any discount if i have 160 enchanting? either way PST me serious buyer LF enchanting kit
Haven't been able to catch ya'll in game - Are you by chance selling any Leatherworking kits as of expansion?

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