[H] Impending Sorrow, Late-Night 10m

Area 52
Impending Sorrow is a late-night raiding guild, recently transferred
over from Bloodhoof. Formed in the spring for 2010, we are a
progression-oriented 10 man guild running on a moderate schedule of
8-9 hours a week. We are currently looking for all roles to
challenge for spots in our core 10 man team, spots will not be
guaranteed, and we will bring the best, most dedicated players on
our roster into raids.
Our core members have played together for a
few years now, and we are seeking new members to bolster our core,
set up a deeper team in case we have someone miss time (nothing
sucks more than calling a raid night because you are one short), and
possibly build up having a second raid team for MoP content.

We are not a realm first guild, we usually aren't on the cutting
edge of content, but we are focused on killing bosses in a
reasonable amount of time, occasionally in unreasonable or
unorthodox manners. We need people who can take a jokes and kill
bosses, that's our M.O.

Our current raid schedule in MoP is as follows (all times server):
Tues: Midnight-3am
Weds: Midnight-3am
Thurs: 12:30am-2:30am (can be extended to 3 if we are pushing
progession on a boss)

We do require new members to know their class, and come prepared
with supplies in the unlikely event that the guild is not able to
provide feasts/flasks. You're on your own for
consumables/gems/chants, however we will have several people on
before raid times that can help you get these things ready.

Progression history:
8/12H ICC 10
12/12N Tier 11 (BWD, BoT, T4W)
2/7H Firelands 10
5/8H Dragon Soul 10

Currently our loot system is undecided, though it will likely be
EPGP or Loot Council. For more information, contact one of our
officers (Neveed, Pegie, Aurig) or our GM (Orondu) for more
information via whisper or in-game mail.
Bump. LF ranged dps, but we'll talk to anyone! ^_^
Bump. We're fun, and we have girls.
Bump, LF some good dps who know not only how to not stand in fire, but when, and why.

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