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Emerald Dream
Elynxdria K'Shinar pressed her thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose, pinching the corner of her eyes to try and alleviate the pressure behind them. Her head ached dully from an unpleasant mix of pressure and a certain lack of sleep. I should have said no... she thought, and not for the first time.

Aeturnas Trinitas was going through a rough transition time. To the rest of the company, their leader Carisse Dawnstar had simply disappeared. Lynx knew the truth of the matter, but the mantle of Imperatorship had passed on to her along with the need to keep silent. Carisse had attracted the wrong kind of attention within the Horde and there seemed to now be a bounty upon her head. Of course, Lynx could not seem to shake the feeling she had attacted the wrong sort of attention herself.

A large pile of paperwork lay to the Huntress's right, close at hand. The company was receiving more commissions after many of their recent victories and it now fell to Lynx to decide where to allocate their resources. Mixed within those requests were the standard repair bills, aired greivances, and other day-to-day reports involved with operating a large mercenary company. She was a Huntress... she should be out in the field, not buried behind a mountain of paperwork! How had Carisse handled this?

Rumors and whispers of war also reached her desk. Alliance activity in Dustwallow Marsh, specifically on and around the Isle of Theramore, indicated potential employment opportunities. There were also reports, vague and here-to-far unfounded, of a newly discovered land with a strange race enhabiting it. A new land, ripe for the picking, offered many opportunities for a group like Aeturnas Trinitas.

She would need to ramp up recruitment. There was no other way around it. She needed more men for strikes against the Alliance, more guards and craftsmen for their home base, and more bodies for the exploratory teams. With one last shake of her head, she picked up parchment and quill and drafted up a recruitment poster for the Hero's Board in Orgrimmar.

========= OOC ===========

Aeturnas Trinitas is an Online Gaming Community founded in 2003. For over eight years, Aeturnas Trinitas has persisted under the following charter:

[*]Respect Your Guildmates
[*]Destroy Your Enemies
[*]Game On

We pride ourselves on being RP Focused and PVP Enthusiasts, but the community and its strength always comes first. At the moment we have an active guild present in SW:ToR, GW2, and of course the World of Warcraft. We are a casual and mature guild who love all aspects of the game. Currently we are recruiting for the upcoming expansion in the following ways:

For Raiding in Mists of Pandaria, we're looking for Off-tanks with DPS specs who do not mind filling in either role depending on the situation. We also need Healers with DPS off-specs for increased raid flexability. As a Guild, we went 1/8H Dragon Soul and we're looking to get geared and rolling on Raids as quickly as possible once the expansion hits.

In PvP, we're looking for dedicated healers most of all. All other specs are needed, especially those who love both WPvP and RBGs. Our plan is to get a core RBG group rolling once a team dynamic can be assessed and implimented.

We're also a group of RP lovers. Aeturnas Trinitas is a militaristic mercenary group, but you do not have to RP a soldier. There are many positions open in the type of company we are, from the lowly camp hanger-on to the most decorated Lieutenant and everywhere in between.

If any of this interests you, please fill out an Application on our website aeturnastrinitas.com or contact an Officer for more information. Our officer core consists of:

Elynxdria -- Guild Imperator
Carisse -- Banking Officer
Eregdush -- PvE and Raid Lead
Adrielz -- Community Officer
Aymahdood -- PvP Lead
Zilaria -- RP Lead
Jenetixx -- PvE Assist
Stormslayer -- Raid Assist
*Bro fist bump*
I know, I know... we're late to the party but our raid team downed Heroic Yor'sajj as well as Heroic Zon'ozz this week. I'm excited for Mists to drop and to start questing with our guild groups!
What does the name mean? I am familiar with Spanish so I assume Trinitas refers to three, or the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
It's actually bad Latin for "The Eternal Trinity". It harkens back to the founding of our guild, arising from a group of three disparate guilds on Shadowbane.
Heroic Hagara and Heroic Ultraxion down now too, making us 5/8H. Got a couple of stabs in at Heroic Warmaster under our belts last night.
And last night we killed Heroic Warmaster.
Been with AT for almost 10 years now. You will not find a better group of people.
Was AT on Hellscream at one point?
No, AT came from The Venture Co earlier this year. Several years before that, we were on Executus.
Woo! Finally hit level 90. We're preparing to launch our raid group into the Vaults soon, gearing up for the new PvP season, and dealing with the consequences of being a mercenary company in Garrosh's newly rekindled war. Come join us! Pandas welcome.
Carisse walked away from her meeting with Elynxdria somewhat relieved, despite the interruption by that foul Orc Uzgrim. With Garrosh conscripting every able-bodied member of the Horde for war, it would have been difficult to stand aside without being executed for treason. He threw away the lives of his soldiers needlessly, and Carisse didn't want to see her mercenary company's members fall to such folly.

But with this new command to take the shores of Pandaria... Yes, Aeturnas Trinitas could go along with such a plan. A new continent would be ripe with opportunities for a competent mercenary force. They could carve out their own successes without countermanding Hellscream's orders.

The future was looking brighter.

We interweave our PVE and PVP efforts with our RP storylines. You can be a part of it! Fill out your application here:

We're about to launch ourselves full force at the Mogu'shan Vaults. Come join us!
We'd like to hear from you! Check out our website or get in touch with an officer.

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